Reina Reflect Designer Radiators

Reina Reflect Designer Radiators ooze contemporary style and feature a built-in mirror for an extra practical function.

These large vertical radiators are flat panel units that offer abundant warmth. The style is ultra-modern, available in neutral black or white to match your interior easily.

If you are considering your options, we supply a large range of vertical radiators in different materials, sizes and styles. Explore our range, and you will find a heating solution that matches your requirements.

Shop the range online today.

The Range of Reina Reflect Designer Radiators

Trade Radiators sells the Reina Reflect because it meets a crucial need for modern buyers in the home heating space. Its elegant style, abundant heating power and practicability are matched by its impressive affordability.

The Reina Reflect designer radiators range is small, targeting buyers who need a tall vertical unit. The mirror is a large steel panel with a bright chrome finish and is as reflective as any glass mirror. It is a great option for the bedroom or bathroom, where a tall mirror can be very useful.

You will find a lengthy manufacturer guarantee of 5 years for peace of mind. The mild steel frame is very durable and heat-efficient, and we keep costs even lower by offering free delivery anywhere in the UK mainland. Try the BTU calculator to tell you how much heating power your space needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reina Reflect Designer Radiators

Why Do I Need a Reina Reflect Designer Radiator?

Reina Reflect designer radiators are colossal and powerful heaters that warm a large bedroom, bathroom or other space. The central mirror is particularly useful for those rooms, but the overall aesthetic could be a good fit anywhere in the home.

You can expect efficient heating and superb durability with a mirror that won’t shatter like glass.

Are There Other Units Like Reina Reflect Designer Radiators?

Radiators with a built-in mirror are rare, but other varieties are in our range. Tall vertical flat panel radiators are much more common, and you will also find column radiators and towel rails with similar proportions. Explore the range online today.

Do You Sell Electric Reina Reflect Designer Radiators?

No, the Reina Reflect must be installed on radiator pipes and heats via the central heating. If you need bathroom radiators or any other unit type with an electric configuration, many can be found in the range at Trade Radiators.


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