Reina Rione Designer Radiators

Matching practical design with a sense of modernity, the range of Reina Rione designer radiators we currently have in stock is quickly becoming a favourite amongst customers who are looking for a unique design from a premium radiator.

Shop the current range and see if a Reina Rione radiator is the right fit for your rooms. If you're looking for something in particular but couldn't find it here, why not take a look at the full selection of radiators we can offer?

What are Reina Rione radiators?

Reina Rione radiators are panel radiators in a single or double format. The panels are made up of horizontal rows which held in place by two columns. With some space between each row, there is an increased air surface at play, which helps provide a larger volume of air through the radiator to get warmed up.

If someone were looking for the ideal mix of design and functionality, they would find it here.

What colour are these radiators?

Unless you’re requesting a custom finish on the radiator, Rione radiators come in a white finish. If you’d like to see similar options from other brands, we recommend looking at our full range of white designer radiators. Some of the most popular right now include products from Trade Direct and DQ Heating, most notably the DQ Vela which is finished in a similar style but has vertical lines on the panel as opposed to the horizontal design you see here.

What size Reina Rione Designer Radiators should I get?

The Rione can really pack a punch in the heat department. The smallest single panel model (400mm by 544mm) can reach a BTU of 1388. This goes all the way to over 7000BTU when we get to the remarkable 1400mm by 5400mm double panel. Such a large radiator works best in open spaces and office environments which need a good boost to get heated efficiently.

What heating systems can Reina Rione radiators be used on?

Reina Rione radiators are designed for standard heating systems and should be plumbed in to get working. Anyone looking for a radiator that acts independently may want to take a look at our electric designer radiators instead.

What other Reina products are popular right now?

Reina has been one of the most popular brands at Trade Radiators for a long time now. Some recent additions which are highly rated include:

You can view the entire Reina range currently available here. You can also view the full range of radiators.

Do I need anything special for installation?

We always make sure customers have everything included for a standard installation in the box, so you can get on with hooking the radiator up as soon as it’s been delivered, checked, and signed for.

Some customers do like to complete installation by getting matching radiator accessories, especially when getting new radiator valves or pipe sleeves. You can view all our radiator accessories here.

Get Radiators Delivered Promptly with Trade Radiators

If you'd like to get a new Reina Rione radiator delivered quickly, Trade Radiators can help. If the product you’re looking for is in stock and you order before 2 pm, our team will aim to get it delivered anywhere in mainland UK by the next working day.

You can read more about our delivery timeframes here.

Speak with Trade Radiators

If you are feeling overwhelmed trying to find the right type of radiator, or have any questions about the Reina products currently in stock, you can talk with the Trade Radiators customer service team on 0141 225 0430. The opening hours for today you’ll see at the top of this page.

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