Round Top Convector Radiators

Round Top Radiators are becoming more and more specialist as fewer manufacturers are committing to produce a full range.

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Here at Trade Radiators we've always championed Quinn round top's as they are extraordinarily heat efficient, as they allow heat to circulate very easily and quickly due to the exposed convector fins. Also many UK homes have round top radiators installed and we want to be able to offer replacements should they be required. These radiators are produced in the UK, carry BS EN 442 certificates for their heat outputs and are pressure tested to 13 bar. The range includes Single Convector (Type 11), Double Panel Plus (Type 21) and Double Convector (Type 22). Information on these different types of radiators can be found at the following blog post - What is the difference between single and double panel radiators?

The filters below are designed to help you narrow down the available to find the most suitable radiator for you. All brackets and fittings included. Free delivery to all mainland UK addresses taking approximately 7-10 working days.

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