Nordic Radiators

A brand which is quickly gaining a reputation for their fantastic finishes and high-quality products, Trade Radiators is excited to offer customers some great column radiators from Nordic. With tremendous horizontal and vertical radiators available right now, browse the collection and see if a Nordic radiator is the right fit for your walls.

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What are Nordic radiators?

The Nordic radiator range features a diverse choice of steel multicolumn & aluminium radiators, which are heavily inspired by Scandinavian minimalism. These sleek and modern radiators are the perfect way to complete the look of almost any interior without drawing too much attention away from your overall decor.

If you’ve been looking to update spaces with a fresh column design, this could be the radiator for you. Some customers are finding the vertical models to be a delightful addition in hallways and open-plan areas, with products like the 1800mm by 204mm Graphite 2 Column a welcome addition to any home.

What colour do Nordic radiators come in?

You can choose from the following colours within the range:

  • Graphite Grey
  • Raw Metal (clear lacquer)
  • White

Those looking for an ultra-contemporary look from their radiators would opt for the graphite grey (graphex) finish or the unique look which only a clear lacquer can provide. If you’re intrigued by the raw metal look, Trade Radiators has a comprehensive range of raw & lacquered metal radiators in stock right now.

What size Nordic Radiator should I get?

We recommend finding a radiator which matches the BTU output of your current radiators. If you’re buying a radiator for a new room or don’t know what the BTU requirements of your room are, you can use this heating calculator to know what size of radiator is best for you.

How many columns to Nordic radiators have?

Trade Radiators is all about giving customers as much choice as possible, which is why you’ll find many Nordic radiators come in 2, 3 and 4 column options.

The more columns you opt for, the higher the heat output.  Please remember that when we refer to columns, we are looking at the columns through the radiator’s width and not the columns you see looking at the radiator face on.

Can these radiators be used as towel rails?

The majority of vertical Nordic radiators you’ll see on this page are still column radiators. If you wanted to have one in the kitchen or bathroom to use as a towel rail, you’d have to get a complimentary towel bar, rail hanger, or robe hook.

For anyone looking to have their Nordic installation go just how they want it, we recommend checking out our full range of radiator accessories. And if you’re after a specific design from a towel rail, please take a look at our full range of towel rails here.

What are Nordic radiators made from?

Depending on the Nordic radiator you choose, the radiator on will either be made from steel or aluminium. Many of the white models with a flat front panel are made from aluminium for a high-quality finish on the body.

Do I need anything special for installation?

Your Nordic Radiator will be delivered with the fittings needed for a typical installation. If there is anything you need for your installation, it may be worth looking at our full range of radiator accessories. You can also view our wide variety of radiators here.

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