Cream & Off-White Radiators

With eggshell and satin tones a common sight in homes around the UK, more and more people are finding that a plain white radiator doesn’t seem quite right on the wall. Previously, it wasn't easy to find many variations on white that looked the part.

Thankfully, Trade Radiators is here to help if you’ve been searching high and low for off-white radiators.

We have a fantastic range of varying shades like cream and oyster white for those who want something a little different and unique when choosing the finish for their radiators.

Have a look at the products currently on offer and see if off-white is right for you.

If you would like to view our full range of radiators, click here. You can also view our other finishes here.

What do off-white radiators look like?

The first thing to know is that off-white doesn’t automatically mean beige. You might be surprised by how diverse this particular shade can get. Within off-white, there are two primary ranges we have in stock you should know of.

Cream Radiators

Typically finished in a matt style, although we do have many gloss options in stock too, cream radiators work best when placed against lighter grey walls. Some standard whites can look quite vibrant and stand out, whereas a cream radiator can fit in nicely.

You can view all cream radiators in stock here.

Oyster White Radiators

Some people have a hard time trying to describe oyster white, but we think we can help paint a clear mental image in your head. If you’re the kind of person who likes their tea weak, or you’ve ever poured too much milk in, you’ll notice a slightly off-white palish tone that isn’t quite cream. That’s what oyster white looks like. Some say you get the slightest touch of green in there, but that’s usually when looking at oyster on a glossy finish.

You can view all oyster white radiators here.

Do you have to keep off-white radiators clean?

Off-white radiators, when painted properly, wouldn’t require any additional or special cleaning. At Trade Radiators, we also paint using premium products and can re-assure you that any brand name radiators already finished won’t need any cleaners.

Are there shades similar to off-white I should look at?

You may be looking at this page and wondering how someone can figure out what is and isn’t off-white. The easiest way to remember is by checking the RAL code of any radiator you’re looking at. If the radiator is listed as RAL 9016, it is pure white (this is sometimes referred to as traffic white).

Some of the RAL codes to help narrow down off-white shades include:

  • RAL 9001 – Cream
  • RAL 9002 – Grey White
  • RAL 9003 – Signal White
  • RAL 9010 – Pure White
  • RAL 9018 – Papyrus White

If you’re looking for a specific shade, you’ll notice we have all colours listed on the filter options on the left side of the product categories.

What brands make the best off-white radiators?

We take our brand selection seriously, and only stock from reputable brands which we believe offer the perfect balance of form and functionality. Some of the best brands for off-white radiators include:

  • Apollo
  • DQ Heating
  • Nordic
  • Paladin
  • Reina
  • Trade Direct

Can I get an off-white towel rail?

Yes. We have a dynamic range of off-white towel rails in stock from brands including Lazzarini, Pisa & Trade Direct. We recommend visiting our towel rail section here to see all the different finishes you can choose from.

What material are off-white radiators made from?

Depending on the brand you choose, your new off-white radiator will be made from steel, stainless steel, or aluminium.

Can I get a cheap off-white radiator?

Trade Radiators has a price promise in place which ensures you always get the best deal possible on off-white radiators. From time to time, we do have new additions in our clearance section you may want to look at.

Getting radiators direct to your front door

Many of the off-white radiators we have in stock are available for next working day delivery to customers on mainland UK. It’s all part of our delivery guarantee, which you can read more about here.

Find your ideal radiator with our help

Researching and finding the ideal off-white radiator can get a little confusing, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the shades and such. If you need help finding a product, call us on 0141 225 0430 and chat with one of the UK based team members, who will be happy to assist.

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