Steel Radiators

Steel radiators are one of the most common radiator types to have in the UK. They’re made to a high standard, have great heat output and are easy to apply a unique finish on.

Trade Radiators has a dynamic range of steel radiators for customers looking to upgrade their radiator, no matter what kind of space they need it for.

Take a look at our current range to see if your next radiator is going to be a steel one.

Are Steel Radiators Different from Stainless Steel Radiators?

Yes. Stainless steel radiators are usually more expensive and don’t need the same level of upkeep after so many years due to the inner pipework. That shouldn’t put you off choosing a normal steel model though. All steel radiators at Trade Radiators come with at least a 15-year guarantee they’ll work perfectly.

If you currently have a steel radiator you’ve been using for a few years, you may want to get some inhibitor to prolong the life of your central heating system.

What Type of Steel Radiators can I get?

It simply depends on the look you’re going for. Steel radiators can come in the form of:

  • Column Radiators
  • Convector Radiators
  • Modern Designer Radiators

When deciding where you can have a steel radiator, it helps as well to know you’ll be able to get steel towel rails for your bathroom or kitchen, as well as convector radiators for the living room. There aren’t many limitations with steel radiators.

How Can I get a Cheap Steel Radiator?

We believe that a good radiator shouldn’t cost too much. That’s why we developed the Trade Direct range of steel radiators. This is our name brand range, which aims to give you the same level of performance from designer brand names as a fraction of the price.  

Would I Need New Valves for a Steel Radiator?

It all depends on the finish of the radiator you want. Most homes will have plain copper or painted pipes. If you need a better-looking pipe for your new radiator, you don’t need to go getting any pipes lifted and refitted. We have pipe sleeves to make any new steel radiator look fantastic.