1600mm x 300mm Radiators

Do you have cluttered walls filled up with shelves and racking? Don’t have space for a long radiator? Then there is no need to worry as we have a great range of vertical 1600mm x 300mm radiators.

If you can’t build out, build up! These radiators take up less floor space and work well for businesses, homes, and office spaces.

They look great too with a wide range of stylish options that will allow you to pick the perfect radiator to compliment your home.

Please note that each product listed within this category may vary slightly in size and as a result, may include products slightly above or below this size category.

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Where Would I Need a 1600mm x 300mm Radiator?

From hallways, to bedrooms, to more commercial uses like classrooms and office spaces, these radiators offer space-effective heating anywhere.

They look great in rooms with taller ceilings. They can also be suited to smaller rooms requiring some high-quality heating but don’t have the space for a traditional horizontal radiator.

What 1600mm x 300mm Radiators do Trade Radiators Stock?

We offer a wide range of 1600mm x 300mm radiators from some of the top brands.

Here are just some of the options available:

We offer models that can give you that modern look as well as more traditionally styled vertical radiators that can complement your home.

How Powerful Is A 1600mm x 300mm Radiator?

With BTUs between 2000 and 4000, these vertical radiators offer ample heating for rooms large and small.

They can also produce impressive wattage, with up to 1024 watts available in our range of 1600 mm x 300 mm radiators.

How Can I Get A Cheap 1600mm x 300mm Radiator?

Whether it’s through our sales or special offers, you can often find a 1600mm x 300mm radiator at a great rate!

It’s certainly not going to be more than any of our competitors, as assured by our price match guarantee.

On top of that, we have a regularly updated clearance section where you may just find a 1600mm x 300mm radiator at a huge bargain.

Can I Pick A Custom Finish?

There are multiple finishes that you can choose from on top of the style options that are available, here are your options:

  • Black
  • White
  • Silver
  • Anthracite 

Get that perfect finish to complement your home or business!
Can't find the right one yet? Take a look through our wide variety of radiators.

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We offer free and fast delivery, once your radiator is filled we will ship it to you, aiming for the next working day.

Once received, check for any faults - If anything is wrong you can take advantage of our problem products policy.

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