Silver Vertical Radiators

Check out our selection of chic silver vertical radiators that not only heat your home but also showcase high quality, modern decor. There has never been so much choice when selecting silver radiators for your home. 

Silver vertical radiators have transformed the modern home, offering a contemporary and sleek style to help you create wonderful living spaces. Interior designers and stylists, in particular, are embracing this new style of heating and the flexibility it offers for aesthetics.

Looking for a different finish? Discover new styles in our full selection of radiators.

The Silver Fox

Unlike years past when limited choice meant more of a one-size-fits-all selection, today you have the whole world at your fingertips. There is no better example of this truth than our choices for our radiators. 

In the past, we would never have imagined that we could influence the look of our radiators, but today we think differently. This change in trend becomes clear when we consider how popular silver vertical radiators are.

With their cool and modern look, silver radiators have never been more in vogue. 

We have a whole range of silver designer radiators to match your house, such as:

  • The Apollo Roma 2 Column Vertical Radiator looks simply stunning in silver. With its inimitable, sleek design, the Apollo Roma 2 transforms the ambience of any room through its sleek contours that rise gracefully.
  • For the bathroom, there's the divine Trade Direct Nevo Bar Towel Rail. There is no better luxury towel rail and no bigger statement in contemporary fashion radiator design. The Nevo is a gamechanger in towel rails, and once you've got one and seen how it wondrously adorns the bathroom wall, you'll never want to be without it.
  • We also really like the Trade Direct Nevo Triple Towel Rail for its bold and contemporary statement. The Nevo Triple is a little more authoritative in style, and it's industrial in that fashionable way that conjures up a reminiscence of bygone Victoriana. 

Make the most of the space you have

One of the biggest benefits of vertical radiators of any design is that they give a room much more space. When designing a room, we often have to consider where to place horizontal radiators to avoid having furniture block the heat. 

Silver radiators make the room feel more open due to their reflection of light, and when you combine this with their vertical design, the difference between the size of a room with silver vertical radiators as opposed to, say, horizontal white radiators is quite large.

Since silver is a particularly urban and contemporary finish, we doubt the silver trend would quite have gone so far had vertical options not been available. As newly-built houses have decreased in size, for the most part, we'd advise those who live in smaller premises to consider going vertical instead of horizontal. And as you've got a lovely new house, you may as well have a lovely, striking silver radiator to match.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a different finish, you can view our full range of radiators here.

How Powerful Are Silver Designer Radiators?

Our vertical radiators come in various powers, so you can always find one that suits the room. Don't forget that in addition to looking at the wattage of the radiator, you ought to look at the BTU (British Thermal Units). Check out our page on BTU, where we explain what it is and provide a handy calculator for working this figure out. In terms of strength, our radiators can be as little as 600 watts or can be more powerful at 1500 watts. Use the BTU calculator to work out what wattage you need.

Are there different styles to choose from?

Feeling like you need something different? Choose from a wide range in our full selection of vertical radiators, including:

Our Price Match Promise

Should you see a product for sale at a lower price at a different UK stockist, we will do our utmost to match that. We believe that we provide quality installations for a range of budgets, and we want to ensure we aren't charging you more than you would pay somewhere else. That's our Price Match Promise.

Let's Discuss Your Requirements

If you aren't certain which kind of silver vertical radiator would meet your household requirements, contact us, and one of our professionals will be more than pleased to discuss the available options with you till we discover one that's just perfect for you, including alternative choices.

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