Single Panel Convector Radiators

A versatile radiator that matches traditional design with the needs of modern home heating, single panel convector radiators are one of the most diverse radiators you can buy when it comes to size, budget, look and heat output.

Here at Trade Radiators, we have a vast range of tried and trusted convector radiators from brands that we hold to the highest standards. With budget options, great deals and better delivery across the UK, you’ll find the right single panel radiator when you shop with us.

Take a look at the current range and see if the radiator you need is waiting here for you.

If you can't find what you're looking for, remember to check our wide range of radiators.

Do single panel convector radiators heat a room easily?

This type of radiator is one of the most common in the UK. If you’re a bit unsure what exactly one is, a single panel convector radiator will have a single front panel with a row of conductive fins stuck on the back. It’s common for these radiators to have a top cover that gives the appearance of two panels.

They often get referred to as Type 11 radiators.

Do I need anything special for a single panel convector radiator?

You shouldn’t if your radiator set-up doesn’t need any work. With the majority of radiators in this range finished with a plain white emulsion, you can keep things simple when buying new valves.

You can purchase white traditional and thermostatic adjustable valves in our radiators valves section.

Can I get a single panel convector radiator for my bedroom or living room?

These radiators lend themselves fantastically to compact living rooms and bedrooms. The single panel helps keep width and wall projection to a minimum so you can place one under a window with minimal interference.

If you are thinking of getting a radiator this style for your bedroom, we recommend going with Kartell’s K-Rad range. They’re fantastic if you want a no-fuss radiator in a space you’ll only spend limited time in.

Can I get a single panel convector radiator for my kitchen?

The kitchen is usually the one room at home you want to put more effort into decorating as it’s where the family will spend most of the day. You’ll notice many of the models on this page have the “dimple” effect from pressed steel.

If you want a contemporary design from a panel convector radiator, look at some of the Trade Direct radiators in stock that have a front flat panel. They also look great installed in downstairs toilets.

How can I get a cheap single panel convector radiator?

With over 160 single panel convector radiators to choose from, finding one that suits your budget needn’t be a problem.

You can always filter the products by price using the filters on the left or top of the page. We do stock some fantastic cheap single panel convector radiators that work wonders in tight spaces. Some customers favourites include:

  • Stelrad Compact 300mm x 500mm for £21
  • K-Rad Compact 400mm x 400mm for £27
  • Stelrad Compact 700mm x 500mm for £39.60

You can also see if there are reduced single panel models in the clearance section.

Remember that we also have a wide selection of radiators available as well.

Trade Radiators Price Guarantee

We aim to give customers the best value possible when buying radiator no matter what size or shape they need.

While some online stores will charge a premium to provide you with a particular radiator, we want to make finding a compact radiator affordable. That’s why we have our price guarantee in place to promise that if you find the same make and model for a better price online (including delivery) we’ll match it.

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