Supplies4Heat Flat Panel Radiators

Trade Radiators is delighted to stock a fantastic range of flat panel radiators made by Supplies4Heat. This range has flat panel models that look great in any room, offering an unparalleled level of quality with a simple white design which gives a contemporary feel to your installation. Available in single and double panel models, the range is dynamic enough to offer variable heat output without compromising on space when you need it. Many customers find this to be beneficial when working with small spaces like the bathroom or box bedroom.

Take a look at the current range and find out more about Supplies4Heat flat panel radiators.

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How much do Supplies4Heat Flat Panel Radiators cost?

We have flat panel radiators starting at around £50 for single panel, single convector models (this can go as low as £35 when seasonal sales are on offer). With many of the radiators under £85 and packing an impressive BTU between 1500-1700, if you were looking for a powerful and modern looking radiator on a budget, you’ll be able to find it here.

Some of the larger vertical models would be the most expensive in the range, but when looking at the likes of the 2000mm by 600mm Double Panel model with its whopping BTU of 6766, you’re looking at radiators which provide immense heat output.

(If you are looking for a great deal on new radiators, take a look at our radiator clearance section.)

What heating system can Supplies4Heat Flat Panel Radiators be used on?

All these radiators are made for use on traditional heating systems. If you were looking for a flat panel radiator which could be used independently of your heating system, we recommend looking at some of our electric panel radiators.

I haven’t heard of Supplies4Heat before. Are their radiators good?

Trade Radiators only stocks in brands we believe in, and Supplies4Heat is up there as one of the UK’s leading flat panel makers. We really admire the workmanship behind creating such sleek looking front panels. You’d be surprised just how many brands can’t pull it off, but Supplies4Heat do. That’s why many of the radiators on this page come with at least a 10-year guarantee on the products.

You can shop the entire Supplies4Heat range, which includes their resilient range of high-performance aluminium radiators, here in our Supplies4Heat range.

What size of Supplies4Heat Flat Panel Radiators should I get?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of radiators on this page, finding the right product is simple. There are a few things to consider when choosing a radiator. The size of the radiator is important as you need it to fit well in an existing space and not feel like it’s overtaking a wall. Most of these products have a side entry and narrow wall projection; something you need to take into account when buying any new radiator.

We always advise customers to know the BTU of the room your radiator is going to be installed in. You can figure out what yours is by using our heating calculator. You can then use the filter options on the left of the page to match with radiators within your desired BTU range.

What finishes do Supplies4Heat Flat Panel Radiators come in?

The majority of radiators in this range come in a high-quality white finish. To find a similarly styled radiator in the same finish, please take a look at our full range of white radiators.

If you're needing something different to fit your room, then feel free to browse our wide range of radiators.

What rooms best suit Supplies4Heat Flat Panel Radiators?

These radiators work well in any room in the home with their clean white finish. When it comes to finding the ideal feature radiator, we do have a mini range of vertical radiators that look great in larger bedrooms and bathrooms. Just use the direction filter on the left side of the page to see the 1600mm and 1800mm tall vertical flat panel radiators.

What other vertical radiators are in stock right now?

We have vertical convector, column, and designer radiators in stock right now. You can find them all at our vertical radiators section.

Do I need anything special to install Supplies4Heat Flat Panel Radiators?

Your new radiator comes with the necessary fittings for a smooth and fuss-free installation. We do recommend though that you get everything looking as fantastic as possible with radiator accessories like matching valves and pipe sleeves.

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