Trade Direct Edge Radiators From Trade Radiators

Trade Direct Edge radiators are designer radiators with a chic look and all the know-how of one of the leading heating manufacturers. Make a statement with these cutting-edge, opulent units with various colours and finishes available. The ambience and aesthetics of your contemporary space will be instantly enhanced.

If you are exploring your options, you could also look at some more traditional column radiators from our range. Trade Radiators sells a vast selection of heating options to meet your needs. Explore what’s available, and we are confident you will find what you are looking for.

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The Trade Direct Edge Radiators Range

Trade Radiators caters to the home heating needs of modern buyers, and we know the Trade Direct Edge is a great option. It features elegantly curved panels arranged unilaterally, and its innovative configuration means efficient heating for an affordable price.

At Trade, we strongly endorse the Trade Direct Edge range. The elegant, modern presentation matches the robust steel construction and efficient heating configuration. Trade Direct is known for quality.

By shopping with Trade Radiators, you will also gain access to the free BTU calculator. This tool calculates the heating power you need based on the dimensions of your room. This way, you will avoid over- or under-heating your space.

The Trade Direct guarantee for the Edge is an incredibly generous 15 years. We deliver it for free all over the UK mainland and will get it to you quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trade Direct Edge Radiators

Why Do I Need a Trade Direct Edge Radiator?

The Trade Direct Edge oozes contemporary chic and cutting-edge performance. This should be on your radar if you like the curved panel aesthetic. Furthermore, its durability means you can have peace of mind for the long haul.


Are There Any Similar Options to Trade Direct Edge Radiators?

Yes, the flat panel aesthetic is a popular contemporary option, and we sell many heaters in a similar style. If you want a flat panel radiator, please browse other collections to see if something takes your fancy.


Can You Get Electric Trade Direct Edge Radiators?

No, the Trade Direct Edge is a centrally-heated radiator, so you can only use a standard installation. If electric radiators are your thing, you can explore a wide range of options at Trade Radiators.

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