2019 Summer Sale - 10% off everything

Yes, the summer is here. We're in July and the temperatures are blazing, so we're absolutely certain that your central heating situation is your number one priority right now!

Sarcasm aside, the summer months are actually a very good time to sort out your heating system, get new radiators and have your boiler serviced.

Not only are you not using your central heating and won't be affected by people coming in and out through open doors, but plumbers are actually more readily available to carry out work during the summer.

Winter for plumbers is an incredibly busy time, rushing between cold weather-related emergencies such as broken down boilers and burst pipes.

If you wait until winter to have work done on your heating, you'll probably have to wait a while, may have to keep chasing different plumbers and are likely to be charged higher prices when you can get one to do the work.

Why not get it sorted now?

To make it easier we have discounted EVERYTHING on our website by 10%. All radiators, heated towel rails and valves are included in the sale and all come with free delivery!

All you need to do is use code SUMMERSALE at checkout to get your 10% discount off your entire order. Runs until 17th July 2019.

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