In this interactive video, Jimmy the plumber takes you through all the the different colours we offer in our vast range of cast iron radiators. Listen to the indepth descriptions and you're sure to find a colour that suits your taste and setting. You can either sit through the video and look at all the colours, or you can switch on your annotations and select the colour you want to hear more about!

An almost light silvery colour, perfect of you like the look of cool bright metal tones.

A fantastic mid-grey shade. This really does go with anything, any colour scheme and decor.

A striking dark grey, this colour is more similar colour to the actual colour of cast iron in its more natural form. This is the colour we have on the cast iron radiators in the Trade Radiators office and is a really popular choice.

A light and bright gold shade that is almost regal. Make your cast iron radiator stand out beautifully.

A rich and striking tone, perfect if you have copper features in your home.

A rich, classic, metallic colour which is just the right shade to go with any decor.

A warm dark brown, just like an old penny in your pocket. This is our most popular of the warmer shades.

This is a deep, rich tone almost black and resemblent of the night sky. Any valve colour will look good against this shade.

For the biggest 'wow' factor, we can hand polish each individual cast section to create a simply stunning effect. This finish showcases the cast iron to its fullest potential. Please note, fully polished radiators require intermittent oiling to keep tham at their best.

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Article by Benjamin Clarke