Maintaining A Cast Iron Radiator

Cast iron radiators are a tried and tested way of heating your home or business premises. They’ve been around for decades because they are functional, effective and look good – all vital elements to consider when installing a radiator.‹¯¨ Cast iron radiators can provide years of happy heating Cast iron radiators are a very straightforward radiator to maintain and they are incredibly hard wearing, but that doesn’t mean they should be neglected and left uncared for. Why go to the effort and expense of having them installed if you aren’t going to take a few small steps to ensure problem-free heating? It just doesn’t make sense. But if looked after correctly, cast iron rads can go on for years and years giving you a lifetime of heat. Cast iron radiators with a polished finish If you have chosen a cast iron radiator with a polished finish then please be aware that this will require some upkeep in order to maintain that highly polished look. Around every 2 months (or even more frequently if you are really particular), take a soft cloth and use some sort of oil-based substance (for example WD40 or linseed oil). The oil will provide a protective barrier from the oxygen in the air and will help to prevent rusting or unsightly marks. Please make sure your cloth is soft to avoid causing scratches in the surface, as this is almost guaranteed to take the shine off of your polished cast iron radiator and cause blemishes or rust on the surface. Also ensure the soft cloth you use is dry as any trapped moisture will also cause you problems. Radiators often just come with a base coat Moving away from the polished finish, many cast iron radiators are delivered with just a base coat ‘Primer’ applied to protect the metal from rusting. The easy option would be to go with just the base coat and install the radiator. Although this seems nice and straightforward at first, after a while you will find marks and scuffs will appear on the surface. These marks are very difficult to remove from a base coat and you face the danger of a scruffy-looking radiator, even though it might not be particularly old. Special radiator paint is available To avoid this from happening, you do have a couple of options. Special oil-based radiator paint is widely available at major DIY outlets and it has a smoother finish than the base coat and can easily cope with the high temperatures given out when a radiator is on full blast. It’s normally easier to paint a radiator before it’s installed, otherwise you have the issue of struggling to paint areas that are hard to reach. We use Farrow and Ball traditional paints as they have the richest and most traditional finish and it’s worth noting that we can colour match any colour you would like. We also have a wide range of metallic finish which are in keeping with the style of the product. In addition, we use clever paint techniques to highlight, where approprate, the decoration on the radiator, to give it an even more authentic feel. Spray painting your cast iron radiator If you are worried about visible brush strokes appearing on the surface of your cast iron radiator, then you have the other option of getting the radiator professionally sprayed. It is recommended that you have this done professionally rather than doing this yourself at home. Spraying the radiator will get a quality finish, plus it is normally done with the radiator dismantled for maximum even coverage. In conclusion, buying a cast iron radiator is always going to be a solid and sensible decision. By ensuring you correctly maintain your radiator by following some or all of the steps outlined above, you will have years and years of trouble free heating! You can view our extensive and low priced range of cast iron radiators here. ‹¯¨
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