Summer Sale! - 10% off all rads & rails

Its August - and while that means that you probably aren't thinking about your central heating, it's actually a great time to install new radiators and heated towel rails.

Because of this, we've decided to slash our prices by 10% for 10 days. The discount applies to all radiators, heated towel rails, valves and accessories. Everything on our website is discounted until 25th August!

Sort out your central heating in summer!

Precisely because you aren't using your heating at the moment, it means having new rads and rails installed isn't going to cause you much inconvenience.

The doors can be left open to allow plumbers or heating engineers easy access to your home and you won't be absolutely freezing while waiting for them to finish.

Additionally, if you can catch them when they're not off on holiday, plumbers are much more available to do work than they are in winter. Plumbers are busy in winter, often running from one emergency to another.

It's much easier to get an appointment to come round and get the job done in summer!

Take a look on our website and see what bargain radiators, heated towel rails and radiator valves you can get for your home. We've got a massive range to suit all tastes and budgets.

Add the items to your basket then add code SUMMER10 at checkout. Free delivery included to all mainland UK addresses. Sale runs until 25th August.

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