Bring Some Warmth To Your Bathroom With A Stainless Steel Towel Rail

Heated Towel Rails can bring a lot of warmth to your bathroomWith winter fast approaching, it is vitally important to keep both your home and yourself warm. The alarm’s just gone off in the morning. You get out of bed and it’s freezing as you head to the bathroom. What better feeling could there be than picking up a toasty-warm fluffy towel off a heated towel rail? Suddenly, facing the harsh cold, the early morning rush hour and everything the day has to throw at you doesn’t seem like such a challenge anymore. Stainless steel towel rails are a fantastic way of heating a bathroom and they look great as well. There are all sorts of innovative, unusual and eye-catching designs available now, so installing a stainless steel towel rail can really spice up your bathroom. There are straight, curved and spiral towel rails, different heights and widths and polished and satin finishes. Stainless steel is incredibly durable and resistant to wear and corrosion, which dramatically increases their lifespan. In fact, if you buy a stainless steel towel rail, you can expect it to last a lifetime. It is very easy to clean – you just need some mild detergent and a sponge and the great thing is the more you clean it, the more resistant to corrosion it becomes. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, not that you’d want to get rid of your towel rail any time soon. It can be used in all temperature conditions, from as cold as -269°C to as hot as 1100°C. This makes it a perfect material for radiators and towel rails, and although it won’t reach 1100 degrees, you’ll be very grateful for the heat it does produce on those cold mornings and nights. It is also a great conductor of heat, making it much more effective in terms of heating the whole room, rather than just the towel rail itself. They are also better at retaining heat, which means they keep the room warm for longer and you can turn the heating off sooner, saving both energy and money in the process. You can get towel rails designed to be used with either a gas or electric heating system or you can buy a dual fuel towel rail, which allows you to choose whether you want to use your central heating system or as an electric heater, depending on how much of your house you want to heat.
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