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For many years radiators have been considered unsightly and bulky, however, with innovations in both style and technology, stainless steel and designer radiators are becoming a unique feature in the homes of today. If you are selling a home a set of designer radiators can add value to a home and attract prospective buyers. Have a look at your home and imagine yourself as the future homeowner. What areas would you have changed? Would some stainless steel towel rails look good in the bathroom? A tip to remember is that people like additional extras when buying a new home and are usually willing to part with more money for them.‹¯¨ The big question is why can a radiator increase the value of your home in such a way? The answer is how the public see how useful a radiator will be. Radiators provide warmth and comfort during the colder months, offer effective protection against illness and allergies and can help extend furniture’s life span. Make the decision easy for potential buyers as to whether to buy the house or not by ensuring your home has a proper, efficient central heating system. Practicality is key! Integrating a healed towel rail gives your home a hotel style touch with the added ease of everyday use. You’re sure to find a heated steel towel rail to fit every home; from low cost to designer rails you are sure to find the perfect rail to suit any bathroom. All the radiators in your house should match. A mix-match of different styles will put buyers off with the exception being fitting a feature radiator in a room, for example in a hallway or conservatory, making the room stand out for all the right reasons. Remember to get your market right, the wrong radiator in the wrong home is not a good move. It’s not hard to tell what does and doesn’t look right, so think about the style of your property and who you are aiming it to. You don’t want to put contemporary radiators in Victorian house if it isn’t in keeping, and the same for a modern apartment you would not fit cast iron or traditional radiators there. ‹¯¨
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