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In addition to death and taxes, the only other certainty in life is the regular rise in fuel costs. The days of cheap gas are well and truly over and business owners up and down the country now have to factor in the high cost of heating their premises into their already stretched budgets. Efficient radiator, good business sense Any savvy business owner knows the importance of employee satisfaction in creating a productive and positive working environment and this includes making sure the workforce is kept warm during those cold winter months. So what steps can be taken to ensure this is done efficiently, without receiving an astronomical heating bill each quarter? A very effective way to do this is actually very simple. Install cast iron radiators. In this day and age of very sleek and modern designer radiators, you may be surprised to learn that the old traditional style of radiator often outperforms it’s modern contemporaries in terms of heat efficiency. Choose a radiator that uses less energy to reach temperature Heat efficiency can be explained in its simplest terms as the amount of energy it takes for a radiator to heat up a room. Radiators may well be able to generate the same amount of heat, but it’s the radiator that uses less energy in generating this heat that is of interest to the money saver. It is important to note that the efficiency of cast iron radiators is not found at the heating up stage. Cast iron is a dense and heavy metal and it therefore follows that an increased mass of material will take longer to heat up than, for example, a flat panelled radiator. However, it is the cooling down process where the cast iron really comes into its own. Cast iron radiators cool down slowly The fact that it takes longer to heat up also means that it takes a lot longer to cool down than a thin steel panel radiator, meaning that your boiler doesn’t have to be on full blast for an extended period of time to keep the cast iron radiator hot. This is worth some thought when selecting a radiator for your business premises, especially if you will be using them in a large open plan or warehouse type of facility. Durable cast iron radiators Another important factor associated with cast iron radiators is the fact that they are very durable and hard wearing. Because of their weight, it’s possible that installation costs may initially be slightly higher than other styles of radiator, however you can be confident that there is very little to go wrong with them and they can pump out heat for many years to come. Cast iron is easy to clean and doesn’t need to be treated with kid gloves, making cleaning and maintenance a bit of a non-issue. Couple this with the fact that the classic style of a cast iron radiator may be more suited to your business environment and you’ve got yourself a perfect solution. Please note that to maximise energy efficiency, you also need to have a modern and efficient boiler otherwise your efforts in selecting the right radiator will have been for nothing. If you are considering a traditional radiator (or even if you weren’t previously!), please take a look at our Cast Iron Radiators section. ‹¯¨‹¯¨
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