Combine class & convenience with the versatile Deco Radiator

We've said it before and we've no problem with saying it again, because it's an important issue we never get tired of talking about... When it comes to choosing a radiator, think outside the box, get out of your comfort zone, push the envelope, break down those prison walls, tear off the straitjacket... and other business cliches. Put simply, if you're going to purchase a new rad, think about getting something other than a standard white radiator. Standard white radiators are a bit like eating at Pizza Express - perfectly functional, agreeable and satisfactory, but deep down you know there's that slightly more exciting French Brasserie round the corner that has a sublime wine list AND a cheese trolley. In this case, the radiator equivalent of that exquisite bottle of Gevrey Chambertin is the Deco Radiator.... but for a much better price! Horrendous analogies aside, the Deco is a fantastically versatile radiator, looking equally at home in a living room as it does in a bathroom. Manufactured from stainless steel, this modern 'rad for all seasons' is available in a range of sizes and comes with either a polished or brushed satin finish. The Deco that has proved popular with our customers for their bathrooms is the horizontal radiator or the heated towel rail version. The fact these are stainless steel makes them perfect for a wet environment and, of course, stainless steel is famous for being a material with a very high resistance to corrosion, hence the reason they all come with a comprehensive 25 year guarantee. Deco radiators popular for kitchens and living rooms tend to be the sleek and thin vertical radiators. The verticals can look great either side of a large window, or fitting into a small area where space is at a premium. However, there are no hard and fast rules to what you must do with a Deco. It all depends on the space you have available, the shape of your rooms and your personal preference, but we're certain you'll find something in the Deco Range that will suit you perfectly. Don't forget that we also offer all the Deco rads with single and double panels, so regardless of what heat outputs you need, we've got you covered. Below are some photos kindly submitted by our customers, all of which are from our Deco Range. We hope you can draw inspiration from these and you can view our entire Deco Range here »» Image thanks and credits to: Kath, JJ Metcalfe, Ray, Nicola R, Jon, J Owens, dnb29, Ajay P & Yvette M. Deco Stainless Steel Rads 1 Deco Stainless Steel Rads 2 Deco Stainless Steel Rads 3 Deco Stainless Steel Rads 4 Deco Stainless Steel Rads 5 Article by Benjamin Clarke
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