Have you thought about getting a heated towel rail?

If you’re redecorating your bathroom or cloakroom (or maybe ‘considering’ redecorating your bathroom and cloakroom) then a very stylish feature to include in your design plans would be a heated towel rail. To start with, and to be blunt about it, they simply look good. Whether you have a new-build, contemporary apartment or a Georgian town-house, you will be able to find a suitable heated towel rail that will become the centre-piece of the room. There’s a reason many upmarket hotels install extravagant towel rails in their bathroom suites. It’s because they look great and give the impression of luxury! Towel rails come in a range of finishes including chrome, polished stainless steel, black and white, as well as in traditional or modern styles. They are also available in electric and dual fuel versions, as well as rails that are suitable for a standard hot water heating system. Fortunately, we also stock a wide range of sizes, so whatever the shape of your bathroom, cloakroom or other towel rail-worthy room, you’re always going to find something to fit. In addition to looking good, heated towel rails are incredibly functional beasts, offering you the option of drying multiple towels in one go. Being able to dry your towels easily is particularly useful in winter and offers you the luxury of being able to step out of the shower into a nice warm towel. Installing a towel rail means you can banish the problems of smelly towels and towels carelessly thrown on the floor for good! If you’re looking for some design inspiration for your bathroom and are considering a heated towel rail, don’t forget to check our Customer Gallery on Facebook and our Pinterest Customer Board. So many of our customers kindly send us images of their installed towel rails and radiators and we post them all so you can get the benefit of them. All photos are taken by our real-life customers and are not simply catalogue-style, airbrushed photos of houses that only exist in a perfect world. These are real life and we hope that you can draw some inspiration from them. We’ve included some recently submitted heated towel rail photos for you to ‘ooh’ and ‘aaah’ at! You can view our full range of Heated Towel Rails here »» Heated Towel Rail Examples 1 Heated Towel Rail Examples 2 Heated Towel Rail Examples 3 Heated Towel Rail Examples 4 Heated Towel Rail Examples 5 Article by Benjamin Clarke
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