How we can help if you have a large radiator project

Let’s say you have a large property that needs to have its entire set of radiators replaced. Do you know what you need in each room that will look good but also heat the room sufficiently? Occasionally, we have customers who know exactly what they want and simply need to know how quickly we can get the radiators to them. More often than not however, and especially with large projects, customers need guidance on what would be best for them and their properties. We are always happy to help with our customised radiator schedules, which completely takes the pain out of the decision making process. We enjoy the opportunity to use our expertise and provide assistance to our customers in advising them what sized radiator they need and which finish will work best. We will put together a spreadsheet schedule together that clearly specifies room type, required heat output (in BTUs and Watts) and suggested radiator sizes, dimensions and finishes. We will also work with you to see if you have special design requirements that need to be taken into account in our planning. For example, do you want your valves to match with other fixtures and fittings, such as window fastenings or kitchen appliances? Do you have limited wall space in a particular room? Will any radiators be going under windows? There are certain products that can be specially-made, customised to your specifications. If you have a colour scheme that you can’t live without, in most cases we can match RAL colours and Farrow & Ball paint ranges. If you do have height or width restrictions, then many of our radiators can be made to the exact sizes you need, which will ensure visual harmony. We can also give you advice on how to prepare and maintain your radiators and heating system, ensuring longevity of the products and maximum heat efficiency. We’ll also arrange with you a suitable date for delivery as well as advise on what to expect when your radiators are delivered. If you are thinking on a big renovation project then there is no need to be daunted when it comes to deciding on your radiators. Please feel free to get in contact with us on 0141 225 0430 or with details of your project and any questions and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help and set up a customised radiator schedule for you! Article by Benjamin Clarke RELATED ARTICLES • CASE STUDY - Middleton Hall - Grade II Listed Country House 26th Jun 2013  • How colour & finish adds to the appeal of radiators 6th Oct 2015  • VIDEO - View all the colours in our cast iron radiator range 30th Jul 2015   
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