New smart element on Trade Direct electric heated towel rails

We are proud to announce that all of our Trade Direct electric heated towel rails now come with the option of a fantastic smart thermostat to control the temperature of your rails automatically! These beauties contain an internal sensor that allows you to set the temperate with 10 different resistant settings between 100 - 1000 Watts, making it very easy to set your rails to a consistent temperature of your choice. In Comfort Mode, the thermostat keeps the heated towel rail at the temperature set by you. The Boost 2h Mode means the element is boosted for 2 hours independently of the temperature you've set. After the 2 hours is up, it will return to the Comfort Mode. The P1 and P2 Modes gives you extra flexibility. You can set it so the Boost Mode comes on for two hours, then returns to the Comfort Mode for 10 hours or 22 hours (you set this) and then enters the Boost Mode again. This cycle can run endlessly if you want it to. Essentially it means you can have the flexibility of controlling when your heated towel rail is on and at what temperature, ensuring your towels and your room are warm when you want them to be. Our range of Trade Direct Heated Towel Rails are available here >> Article by Benjamin Clarke RELATED ARTICLES • LATEST PRDUCT - Coneva Designer Radiators 8th Oct 2016  • LATEST PRODUCT - Lazzarrini Heated Towel Rails 22nd Sep 2016  • LATEST PRODUCT - Lacquered Metal Column Radiators 4th Jun 2016   
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