Original Radiators as a Design Feature

After what seems like years, rather than months, the weather is finally turning warmer and people are no longer relying on their radiators for heat on a round-the-clock basis. This means you can start to look at your radiator as a design feature once more instead of just a source of heat and for those who have a special place in their heart for interior design, it is a perfect opportunity to look at how the right radiator can make a big difference to your home. ‹¯¨Designer radiators look great and picking the right one can really change the feel of a room. They raise eyebrows of all who see them but still fulfil their primary function of keeping your house warm. There are hundreds of different designs available, from the basic to the truly extravagant. Towel rails have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years and are rapidly becoming the norm in bathrooms across the country but there is plenty of room for originality and imagination when deciding what to buy. There are also some wonderfully unusual and outlandish radiators on the market, in all manner of shapes and sizes. One of those in your front room would certainly turn heads! But if something like that is just a step too far for you, here are some of the variations on the traditional radiator or towel rail you can try: Vertical Most radiators are positioned horizontally across a wall, often under a window. But if space is at a premium, a vertical radiator could be the answer. One benefit is that they can offer a more even heat distribution than horizontal radiators, especially as there is less chance of blocking the radiator with furniture. Flat Panel Flat panel radiators are a sleek and stylish alternative to the traditional convector radiators. Available in both horizontal and vertical styles, they save on space and provide effective heat. Different shapes Different sizes and shapes are becoming more and more popular. Wavy designs like the Horizon, or the grid pattern of the Solar are all the rage and give your room a really innovative, modern look. The solid Eclipse radiator invokes memories of 2001: A Space Odyssey, with its solid, black look similar to that of the monolith featured in the film. Whatever style you choose, a designer radiator really is a great way to spice up the look of your home, whether it’s in the bathroom, living room or kitchen. ‹¯¨
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