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A convector radiator in a bedroomA convector radiator in a bedroom

If you've got a room in your home where there's a limited amount of space to put a radiator, you might be worried that you won't find a rad big enough to be capable of heating the room comfortably. Fortunately, just because a radiator is small in dimensions, it doesn't necessarily mean that it isn't able to pack a punch and heat your room. In this article, we'll take a look at some radiators that are perfect for small spaces but can still kick out some serious BTUs.

Heating calculator

Before you even start looking at radiators, the first thing you need to do is use our heating calculator to establish how many British Thermal Units you need to heat your room.

By inputting some measurements and a few pieces of additional information, our heating calculator will let you know the necessary heat outputs you need to ensure your room is heated to a comfortable temperature.

All of our radiators are listed with their heat outputs listed in BTUs and Watts, so once you have your heat output figure for your room, you can set about choosing a radiator safe in the knowledge it will be the right radiator for your space.

The chunkier the better

If you're looking for a small radiator that can emit some serious heat then an important point to look at is the depth of the radiator and how far it projects out from the wall. A radiator with a large projection measurement is likely to have some characteristics that allow it to emit more heat.

For example, a double panel convector radiator is going to emit a lot more heat than a single panel radiator of the same height and width. The extra panel (and extra convector fins in between the panels) provide a greater surface area from which to emit heat. Likewise, with radiators in the classic column style, the more rows of columns the radiator has, the more heat it will emit.

Small radiators that come with extra panels or column rows are likely to be the kind of radiator you need for a small installation area that still needs to provide a good amount of heat. The only thing to make sure is that you have enough room to walk past a chunkier radiator without it jutting out into the room too much. This is particularly an issue in narrow areas like hallways or landings, so when choosing a radiator, double check the projection measurement to make sure you're comfortable with the amount the radiator will protrude into your room.

Top small radiators with high heat outputs

Below are a selection of our favourite small radiators that are still capable of kicking out some serious heat. You can click through to the product pages on our website to purchase these radiators if you think they look like great candidates for your room in need of heat.

6. K-Rad Compact Radiator 300 x 400mm

K Rad Double panel double convector 300x400mm

This compact convector radiator is made by well-known radiator manufacturer, Kartell, and is a great option if you're looking for a small radiator with some kick. 

This is a Type 22 radiator which means it has double panels and double rows of convector fins. Despite its small dimensions of 300 x 400mm, it is able to emit a large 1432 BTUs. It comes with factory fitted top gril and side panels which are popular features as they disguise the convetor fins in bewteen the panels.

Made from a high-grade Steel and with a brilliant white finish RAL 9016, this modern and versatile heater is available in just delivery in 7-10 days with a comprehensive 10 year guarantee. Also supplied with wall brackets, bleed valve and blanking plug for a convenient set-up, do not miss out on this extraordinary deal, while stocks last.