The Top Radiators for Small Spaces in the Home | Radiator 9

A convector radiator in a bedroomA convector radiator in a bedroom

9. Reina Slimline Radiator 470 x 300mm

Reina SLimline Vertical RadiatorThe smallest vertical radiator in our catalogue, this offering from respected manufacturer Reina is a stylish choice for a small area where you can take advantage of a bit of upward space. The heat output is 632 BTUs which is really impressive for such a small and discreet radiator.

The aesthetic of the Reina Slimline makes it one of the market's most fascinating designer radiators. It looks like a single flat panel, very slim, coloured White with an attractive gloss finish.

Its deceptively simple design is actually very sophisticated, and the robust steel assembly means it's durable and hard-wearing, as evidenced by its comprehensive 10-year guarantee. This would be great if you're looking for an alternative to a standard convector radiator.

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