Reasons for using electric for your heating

The regular increase in gas prices has led to many people reconsidering their central heating options and deciding to heat their homes using electricity. With serious questions being asked about the long-term future of the gas industry and it’s effect on the environment, you too may decide to opt for electric heating.‹¯¨ Safety Benefits With Electric Heating One of the positives of heating powered by electricity is the increased safety to you and your property. A standard central heating system requires extensive pipework to carry the hot water around your home. Although unlikely, pipework always provides the risk of leakage or at worst, flooding. This can be a particular problem during cold winters when pipes are most likely to burst. Because no pipework is required for electric heating, this makes electric radiators cheaper to install than radiators that connect up to the wet central heating system. The majority of electric radiators simply need to be wall-mounted near a 13 amp socket which is really useful if you are installing them in somewhere like an attic or conservatory, that would otherwise be expensive to link up to the boiler. Electric Radiators Require Minimal Maintenance Having a gas boiler in your house also means you should check regularly for carbon monoxide levels to ensure the boiler is functioning correctly. We have all heard nightmare stories on the news involving serious illness and death due to faulty gas appliances. It is advised that your boiler is serviced by a professional to ensure it is working efficiently as well as safely. This needs to be done on a regular basis and obviously costs money, and can be very costly if something goes wrong. An electric system does not need such regular upkeep and can therefore be a cheaper option than gas when it comes to maintenance costs. Look At The Electric Radiator Range on has a fantastic selection of electric radiators and storage heaters to choose from. All are made with energy efficiency in mind and can be delivered free to your door within 48 hours. Our Specialist Panel Convector Heaters are bathroom friendly and come with a manual and programmable timer, so the heater only needs to be on when you choose. Contrary to popular belief, electric heaters do not have to be boring white blocks hanging on your wall. We have a nice array of Designer Specialist Electrical Radiators that are stylish and have an aluminium body for rapid heat response. A must for any sophisticated home. We have an ultra efficient selection of Electric Storage Heaters which are easy to maintain and incredibly economical. You also get the choice of static, fan-assisted and a combination. Bathroom-friendly, free delivery and made from premium quality materials. Also available are our super-swanky Designer Electric Towel rails which are completely programmable and are incredibly useful for keeping damp towels off the floor. More and more people are installing heated towel rails in their home because of their usefulness and their aesthetic qualites. If you are considering installing electric heating to your home, you will find the best options and the best prices on our website! ‹¯¨
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