Double Panel Convector Radiators

One of the most popular radiators you’ll see in homes and buildings of every kind across the UK, the humble double panel convector radiator is easy to use, has a tremendous heat output, is simple to maintain and never has any problems when you get the right one.

It’s humble design and simplicity makes it the preferred choice for many spaces that need a new radiator, and with over 200 makes and models currently available here at Trade Radiators, you’re guaranteed to get a double panel radiator that meets the measurements and heating requirements for your space.

Shop the range today to see which brands have the convector radiator you’re after and whether you’d be best with a horizontal or vertical radiator.

You can view our full range of radiators here if you're looking for something different.

What brands of double panel convector radiators are available?

Top convector brands we sell on-site include:

  • Stelrad
  • K-Rad (Kartell)
  • Trade Direct

K-Rad is one of the trusted brands we think make great convector radiators. Their K-Rad compact radiators work wonders when you need a traditional white double panel convector radiator in a tight space. Even something as small as the 300mm x 600mm model has a whopping BTU of 2,054.

Stelrad makes up the majority of the range on this page, and their radiators are seen as high-end design at affordable prices. When you’re looking for a no-fuss radiator for somewhere like the hallway, any of their compact range is great. And if you want to eschew towards a contemporary look, something like their 500mm x 600 flat panel double convector looks great in bathrooms. Their Everest line is very common for customers looking for convector radiators for offices.

Trade Direct is a mini range created by the team here at Trade Radiators. We’ve put our decades of knowledge in the industry towards creating a line of convector radiators that combine great design with greater prices. The flat panel nature of these radiators, in particular, lends themselves well to kitchens.

How can I get a cheap double panel convector radiator?

Everyone has their ideal budget in mind when it comes to getting the deal they want on a radiator. Many of the best selling double panel radiators on this page are under £69, with K-Rad offering some of the cheapest you’ll get anywhere online.

You can filter products on this page by using the filter on the left side of the page to get radiators within your ideal price range.

Double panel convector radiators for kitchens

Many kitchens now make use of wall space better by having vertical double panel radiators on thinner support walls, especially if an old radiator is cramping space around the dinner table.

Within this range, we recommend looking at the Supplies4Heat 1600mm x 500mm double panel single convector radiator if you’re after a modern looking radiator for the kitchen.

Double panel convector radiators for bathrooms

Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in the house that we use most  often and don’t need much effort to heat up. A simple 300mm x 500mm radiator can do the trick for less than £40 if you need a cheap radiator.

Double panel convector radiators for living rooms

Most of us will have the space for longer horizontal radiators in the living room. If your radiator sits under a window or takes up the length of one side of the room, you’ll need a very powerful radiator to keep heating the space effectively.

What double panel convector radiator is best?

All radiators come with precise measurements, including pipe centres. We recommend measuring out your radiator’s location, considering anything that could get in the way like shelves or the height of skirting boards.

Helping you find the best radiator

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about the number of radiators available and need some help finding the right double panel radiator for your space, get in touch directly with the customer support team by clicking the chat icon in the corner of this page.

They’ll help you find the ideal radiator for any space.

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