Summer is an excellent time to sort out any outstanding DIY jobs around the house, but this is particularly true when it comes to radiators. During Winter, your central heating is almost constantly in use and it's a very inconvenient (and cold) time of year to switch off your heating while you install new radiators. Aditionally, Winter is also a time when plumbers are particularly busy, so you may have difficulty in getting someone to come round immediately to deal with any emergencies or new installations. If you need to install new radiators in your kitchen, or perhaps a heated towel rail in your bathroom, then summer is the time to do it. It's not essential to have your heating on, so the installation process would not cause you much inconvenience. Plus, your local plumber is much more likely to be available quickly and will glad of the work. They might also be able to spend  alittle more time and energy on the job than they wuld in winter when they are likely to have to rush off to yet another emergency! Because of this fact, we are proud to announce that every single product on our website is discounted, each coming with free delivery and long guarantees. If you have been looking for the right time to upgrade your radiators (especially recommended if they're over 15 years old), then now is the best time financially, meteorologically and in terms of plumber availability! Simply choose your rad or rail and use code 'summer5' at checkout to avail the discount. Sale ends midnight on 14th August 2016. View our range of DESIGNER RADIATORS >> View our range of HEATED TOWEL RAILS >> View our range of CONVECTOR RADIATORS >> GO TO OUR HOMEPAGE FOR ALL OPTIONS >> Article by Benjamin Clarke
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