800mm x 500mm Electric Radiators

We stock a wide range of 800mm x 500mm radiators, offering a stylish and practical fixture for any home.

As well as looking great and slotting well into just about any room, our range of 800mm x 500mm radiators provide reliable and impressive heat that will make those chilly winter mornings that little bit easier.

As they are electric, they also offer greater control and management. Because of this fact they also offer great efficiency.

At Trade Radiators we believe that a radiator isn’t just a source of heat, it’s an opportunity for a home fixture that flows and fits right in with the aesthetic of any given room in your home.

That’s why we offer a range that allows you to find the perfect 800mm x 500mm radiator. Whether you want it to go in a clean and modern looking home, or something with a little more traditional or rustic charm.

Please note that each product listed within this category may vary slightly in size and as a result, may include products slightly above or below this size category.

Where Should My 800mm x 500mm Electric Radiator Go?

n 800mm x 500mm Electric Radiator would fall under the vertical category. And as most homes have roofs that are more than high enough to accommodate 800mm, they can go just about anywhere.

As they are practical, often offering a place to hang clothes, towels and more, this size of the radiator would be particularly suited to the bathroom or kitchen.

The 800mm x 500mm Electric Radiators Available At Trade Radiators

We have a great range of 800mm x 500mm electric radiators, including some top respected brands - here are just a few of the models that we have currently available:

What BTU Will I Get With A 800mm x 500mm Electric Radiator?

The BTU of your radiator will depend on the make and model that you choose, but generally, our electric radiators can produce 300 watts, which is comparable to 1000 BTU.

This is more than enough to warm even a larger room up, so these radiators will provide fantastic heating for homes of all shapes and sizes,

How Much Would A 800mm x 500mm Electric Radiator Cost?

For the most part, electric radiators which are 800mm x 500mm will cost you between £150-£200, but this will depend on what model you want.

You may find an 800mm x 500mm electric radiator at a reduced price as we run sales and special offers throughout the year.

And that’s on top of our already great rates. We know our pricing is competitive and are willing to back it up with a price match guarantee.

Can I Pick A Finish For The 800mm x 500mm Electric Radiator That I Choose?

You can pick from a number of great finishes that will help your new radiator look fantastic alongside the rest of the furniture in your home. Choose from just some of the following finish options:

  • Black
  • White
  • Anthracite
  • Silver
  • Chrome

Why Are Trade Radiators My Best Option For A 800mm x 500mm Electric Radiator?

Here at Trade Radiators you will receive a fantastic selection of products at great rates, met with second-to-none customer support.

From fast delivery to extra care taken for the environment, Trade Radiators go above and beyond to get you that perfect radiator that you will love. Don’t hesitate to get in touch where you can discuss options available from our experienced team.

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