1000mm x 600mm Heated Towel Rails

Towel rails are a fantastic space saver and really help bring a modern touch to any room. At Trade Radiators we have a small but mighty range of 1000mm x 600mm towel rails that can take pride of place in any bathroom.

Now they may be small, but don’t let that fool you. Our towel rails are known for having a fantastic BTU output of at least 1500 and an even better price if you’re redecorating on a budget.

Take a quick look at the range we currently have for sale and see if you find the right sized towel rail for the space you want it in.

Where Would I Need a 1000mm x 600mm Towel Rail?

As with most of the towel rails we have available, 1000mm x 600mm towel rails do look best when installed in a bathroom.

If you have a box bathroom or smaller room where you want to maximise floor space, these can be installed to sit higher up a wall. For someone who is planning to discretely have pipes plugged into a radiator from a point in the wall rather than floor, you may want to think about the type of radiator valves you’ll want to have on show.

What 1000mm x 600mm Towel Rails Does Trade Radiators Offer?

We have a small range of 1000mm x 600mm radiators, including:

  • Pisa Towel Rail, Chrome Curved, 1000mm x 600mm
  • Pisa Towel Rail, Chrome Straight, 1000mm x 600mm

What is the BTU of a 1000mm x 600mm Towel Rail?

There isn’t much fluctuation between the BTU output of both radiators. The Pisa straight towel rail has an average BTU of 1593, while the Pisa curved towel rail has a slightly higher average BTU of 1641.

What Designer Brands Sell the Best Narrow Towel Rails?

Designer doesn’t mean the price tag has to go up when shopping at Trade Radiators.

Pisa is the top designer brand making towel rails within this size range. We sell both rails at the best price you’ll find online. Their current RRP is £100, but this can go down whenever we have a sale on site.

How Can I Get a Cheap 1000mm x 600mm Towel Rail?

You can save a lot on a towel rail if you have a look at brands selling radiators in sizes similar to this. On the reverse side of things, we’d recommend looking at our 600mm x 1000 mm towel rails that work just as well.

If you’re stuck for space, a 800mm x 600mm towel rail might be the ideal size for your bathroom.  They come in a wider range of finishings including the extremely popular black and anthracite coatings.

Can I Pick the Finish On My Towel Rail?

Our 1000mm x 600mm towel rails can come in the following finishes:

  • Chrome

If there’s a specific finish you have in mind, get in touch with the team and we’ll see how we can help you find the perfect towel rail.

Trade Radiators Delivery Guarantee

We want to get any towel rail sold on site to customers as quickly as possible. That’s why we aim to get any order placed before 2pm delivered by the next working day to customers across the UK (when you’re ordering a towel rail with an electric filling, it usually takes another day or two).

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