Garage Radiators

It’s a room in the home that doesn’t get much attention but could be used for almost any purpose. If you’re in the middle of decluttering your garage and want to turn it into a workspace or a room anyone at home will be able to use, you’ll need to get a reliable radiator to heat such a tricky space.

At Trade Radiators we have a range of cheap and powerful radiators to help do just that.

Why are Garages Hard to Heat? 

Garages are generally thought of as an afterthought in many homes during the construction process. With this status as an accessory room, many don’t have the same fittings and features as other rooms at home.

Usually, the main garage door and door leading into the house will be quite draughty and prone to letting cold air inside. The easiest way to fight against this and get a nice temperature is to install a radiator.

While blow heaters and fans can provide temporary warmth, they are not great at keeping spaces warmer for long periods and aren’t cost effective.

The Right Type of Radiator for Your Garage

When buying a radiator for your garage, there are some key things to look out:

  • The insulation around the doors
  • The height of the garage
  • The condition (if any) of the windows
  • The location of sockets for electric radiators

Can I Get an Electric Radiator for my Garage?

If the garage is a room that only needs to be heated when you’re in there, it’s best to go with an electric option.

The majority of houses in the UK won’t commonly have plumbing going through the garage, so it makes sense that some of us need to have an electric radiator installed instead of being able to use central heating.

Your best bet for an effective election option would be one of our traditional rails, usually made for bathrooms, but incredibly adapt when installed in a garage.

Are Electrical Radiators Hard to Install in a Garage? 

Electric radiators are quite versatile and only need a socket you can plug into to get getting.

Installing one is just as simple as finding a space on the wall you can screw and hang the radiator, and then plugging it in to get the room warm.

If you have no experience installing a radiator on a wall, we would recommend getting help to make sure it goes smoothly and is level.

What Radiator Brands are Known for Garage Radiators?

Stelrad is well known for providing hard working radiators that look good in any space and have an effective output. Their compact radiators are a good choice for garages that so have central heating running through them.

How Can I Get a Cheap Garage Radiator?

The best prices on site come from our own Trade Direct range. We have radiators of all types that work in any room, especially in garages if you want a cheaper radiator just for heating and nothing too flashy.

Most of the Trade Direct radiators come with a 15-year guarantee and FREE next day delivery.

Our Delivery Guarantee

Need your new garage radiator in a hurry? At Trade Radiators all orders are guaranteed for FREE mainland delivery across the UK. When your radiator will arrive depends on the type that you choose. Much of our range is shipped for next day delivery, but some brand models and custom made orders may take 5 to 10 worki

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