Office Radiators

Just like any home, no two offices are ever quite the same. Keeping an office warm not only creates a welcoming work environment but also keeps the staff happy.

If your radiators aren’t working as they should, or you’re having a complete office renovation and want to update from worn down radiators to something more exciting, we have a fantastic collection here at Trade Radiators.

Our office radiators range from budget options to designer brand names.

The Right Type of Radiator for Offices

It can be tricky trying to figure out what type of radiator to get. Points to consider include:

  • Knowing the measurements for ALL possible placements
  • Knowing if different rooms suit a different radiator design
  • Figuring out what the BTU of any office should be
  • Knowing what your heating/fuel system in the office is

Of course, when starting the process, the most important aspect of getting the correct radiator is size.

What Radiators Work Best in a Small Office?

Work in a box room or an unevenly shaped office that doesn’t give you much breathing room? Whether you’re working in an annexe or your office doesn’t have much space, you’ll want to get a compact radiator that is the right height to sit under desks and not become an inconvenience.

Many offices who purchase radiators for small rooms will go for something like our white Nevo radiators. They’re very cheap, versatile and look quite well in any room, with their columns creating a formal and modern touch.

What Radiators Work Best in a Large Office? 

Open plan offices and those in converted buildings can be incredibly tough to keep warm due to the large spaces. This issue is especially common  in offices with large windows and exposed brick walls.

If this sounds somewhat like your office, you’ll first want to look at vertical rails and column radiators for walls. Tall radiators help when you have lofty rooms and heat circulation problems. Anthracite column radiators look fantastic against exposed walls and office walls with neutral tones.

For an ultra-modern look in big offices, an aluminium radiator is an ideal option. Some of our top designer radiators for offices are made of aluminium and do wonders to heat board rooms and executive offices.

What Radiator Brands are Known for Office Radiators? 

DQ is one of the top brands we have for workspace radiators. Their Vela and Sol models, in particular, are a common sight in start-up offices and also in high-end coffee shops.

How Can I get a Cheap Office Radiator?

Getting new office radiators on a budget is simple with our own Trade Direct range. This is a special range we’ve created featuring unique radiators for any space. The anthracite contour and lacquered metal column radiators are a great idea if you want a radiator that stands out in your office and brings a sense of character with it.

What Kind of Finish Should I Get on an Office Radiator?

Plain white finishes are a safe bet for any office and most of the radiators on site come in that option. If you have a particular colour in mind though, please get in touch, and we’ll see if it’s possible to have your radiator custom painted professionally before arriving at your office in mint condition.

Trade Radiators Guarantee

We know that a cold office doesn’t constitute a positive work environment. Every order made on Trade Radiators comes with free mainland UK delivery; you can see more on our delivery here. It will give you an idea of exactly how long your order will take to make and when your radiators will arrive before your order.

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