Dining Room Radiators

Whether it’s part of the kitchen or a room in its own right, a dining room shouldn’t be somewhere where you feel the chill every time you sit down.

At Trade Radiators we have a fantastic selection of dining room radiators to suit any style of room, whether you have a traditionally furnished space or a modern-minimalist room.

Take a look at all the radiators we have on offer right now to see which would look best in your home.

The Right Type of Radiator for a Dining Room

Deciding what radiator you’ll need for a dining room relies on factors such as:

  • The shape of the room
  • How frequently the room gets used
  • The heat retention of the room
  • The existing décor

The look of the radiator is of course important too. Building a mental picture of what one of our radiators will look like once installed is also a good idea.

What Radiators Work Best in a Small Dining Room?

A radiator in this type of room needs to stop itself from infringing on your space. We’ve all been in a kitchen or dining room where pulling out a chair from the table causes you to hit the radiator, so we always recommend that if you find space to be an issue, choose a radiator that won’t get in the way.

For anyone with an open plan kitchen-dining room layout, you may want to consider a vertical column radiator. Placing one on a transition wall helps to save space.

What Radiators Work Best in a Large Dining Room?

Everyone loves a big family gathering or Sunday dinner in the dining room, but not if it’s cold all the time.

When you have a dining room that seems to be a vacuum for heat, you’ll want a radiator with high heat output. Many of our aluminium radiators are tremendous at heating problem spaces and come in finishes to suit the design of a room.

What Radiator Brands are Known for Dining Room Radiators?

Many customers like to have an ornate look in their dining room, and brands like Apollo are great at highlighting the different styles you can go for when you want a designer radiator.

How Can I Get a Cheap Dining Room Radiator?

To help you save more when buying a radiator online, we have our own Trade Direct range of radiators. It includes rails, column models in many finishes, anthracite radiators for the modern home and black vertical radiators too.

Many customers think our Black Saturn radiators look fantastic in newly decorated dining rooms, especially the 600mm high options.

What Kind of Finish Should I Get on a Dining Room Radiator?

Colour palettes and existing furniture play a big role in what type of radiator to buy. If you have a dining room with light carpet and not too intense a shade or colour on the walls, a reliable white double panel radiator is ideal.

For dining rooms with print wallpaper or intense colour, a darker finish may help, so the radiator doesn’t stick out from the wall.

Price Match Guarantee / Delivery Guarantee

We deliver all radiators bought on site straight to your home as quickly as possible. You can see the exact estimates for each radiator type on our delivery page.

It helps to know too that delivery on all products across mainland UK is free and won’t get added on to your order at checkout.

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