Anthracite Designer Radiators

A trendy choice for customers who want a radiator that compliments a contemporary space, the range of Grey & Anthracite radiators we currently have available at Trade Radiators are firm customer favourites. 

These stylish radiators are a fantastic choice for any environment. With a range of materials and styles available, there is something for every style. If you're looking for a different finish or style however, you can always view our extensive selection of radiators to find the right one for you.

What Size of Grey & Anthracite Designer Radiator Should I get?

We offer a large variety of Grey & Anthracite designer radiators from top brands that will fit into your space on any budget. There are a large selection of different sizes and materials, whether you’re looking to replace faded office radiators that have seen better days or want to see if a grey radiator will complement a recently refurbished room at home. 

We do recommend measuring the space you want a radiator, allowing yourself some leeway if you have to have furniture around or against the radiator.

What Colour is a Grey & Anthracite Radiator?

You might look at these radiators and be left wondering what the exact colour is. These are grey designer radiators that lean more towards a dark grey than light.

They have a charcoal grey look to them and work well when you have a space with existing charcoal, grey and slate-coloured fixtures and items.

If there is a specific shade you want in a grey designer radiator, you might be happy to know we offer custom colour radiators for certain products, with many in a style similar to what you see on this page.

Can I get Matching Grey & Anthracite Radiator Valves? 

Yes, and we recommend getting anthracite radiator valves if you plan on ordering one of these radiators. It will help avoid your radiator setup not looking like you’d hoped due to having a lovely new Grey & Anthracite designer radiator installed with white plastic valves at either end.

Customers who want a minimal look would be best to get some manual Trade Direct angled valves.

Do I Need a Horizontal or Vertical Grey & Anthracite Designer Radiator? 

We stock Grey & Anthracite designer radiators in both horizontal and vertical styles, which can suit different situations. 

A horizontal radiator would be recommended for rooms where you need to have as much free wall space as possible. Customers buying for living rooms, bedroom and professional areas would be looking for radiators in the 300mm to 400mm high range.

Vertical radiators are better suited for those rooms that have a lot of furniture as well as narrow wall space. Brands like Reina and Trade Direct have fantastic flat panel and column radiators which look great in bathrooms, open plan kitchens and restaurants.

Grey & Anthracite Designer Radiators That Last

Our radiator selection is built to last, and you can enjoy at minimum a 10-year guarantee with the majority of radiators in this range.

Grey & Anthracite Designer Radiators for Different Systems

All the radiators in this section are designed for traditional heating systems as standard. If you were looking for a dual fuel or electric option, we recommend clicking here to see similarly styled electric anthracite radiators, or clicking here to view our wide variety of radiators

Price Match Guarantee and Customer Service

One of our priorities at Trade Radiators is to provide great radiators and an affordable price. This is why we offer a price match guarantee. If you see a radiator of the same specification at a lower price than what we offer, we’ll match it.

We also aim to provide high levels of customer service. If you wish to discuss any part of the ordering process or ask about any of Grey & Anthracite designer radiators you’ve seen on-site, click the chat icon in the corner of the page.

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