Apollo Aluminium Modena Radiators

Apollo Modena aluminium radiators are a superb addition to any home. The diverse nature of these radiators means that they have become one of the most popular aluminium radiators on the site. With some models available for less than £80, the Apollo Modena radiator is an extremely affordable designer radiator if you want a stylish budget radiator.


As well as being incredibly energy efficient, Apollo Modena radiators are extremely sturdy, making them the ideal addition to a busy environment. For that reason, all of our Apollo radiators also come with a 10-year guarantee on most models.

Shop the range and see which Apollo Modena radiator is right for you, or view our full selection of radiators to choose from a wide variety of options.

What styles do Apollo Aluminium Modena Radiators come in? 

Our current range includes the following styles:

  • Curved

The front facing panel covers the entire radiator, with the ends curving inwards for a softer appearance.

  • Flat

The front panel is flat from top to bottom, sometimes with a gap in the last inches. This is done for design and performance.

Do Apollo Aluminium Modena Radiators heat a room easily? 

It is incredible just how well this range of radiators works to get rooms toasty. You’ll be able to get a radiator that sits anywhere from 1256 to 7677 on the BTU scale.

If you don’t know the BTU of a room, we have a handy heating calculator you can use to figure out what range you can work with.

Does aluminium make a difference when choosing a radiator?

Most radiators in the UK are made from steel as standard. While there’s nothing at all wrong with this, aluminium radiators are much faster at heating a room up. Due to the nature of the material and care needed to make aluminium radiators, they will usually be more expensive than other radiators. 

What type of entry do these radiators have?

Apollo Modena radiators have a side entry, so you’ll need an appropriate radiator valve which matches your system.

Which finish do Apollo Aluminium Modena Radiators have?

These radiators have a traditional gloss white (Gloss - RAL 9016) finish on the front and back. If you would prefer to have a colour or metallic finish, you can shop for radiators by finish. We can even provide radiators with a custom paint job if you have a specific colour in mind.

How many sections can I choose from? 

The number of front facing sections on your panel will depend on the size of radiator you choose. You’ll see in the product description how many sections your ideal radiator has.

What heating systems do Apollo Aluminium Modena Radiators work on?

The radiators in this range are for use on traditional central heating systems. This means they’ll need to be piped in with your existing system.

If you can’t do that, there’s no need to worry. We are proud to stock a diverse range of electric column radiators with some great products from DQ Heating.

If you can't find the right radiator yet, why not take a look through the full selection of radiators we can offer?

Helping you find the ideal radiator 

With over hundreds of radiators in stock coming in all shapes and sizes, it can get a little overwhelming trying to right the right radiator for your space. 

If you need help trying to find a new radiator, get in touch via our contact page, or click the chat icon in the bottom corner of the page to talk directly with one of the team.

Apollo Modena Radiators

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