DQ Dune Radiators

Stylish and durable, the DQ Dune radiator models we currently have in stock from DQ Heating are the full package. Ideal for a busy home or office, the Dune is one of our most efficient radiators on offer and comes in a range of sizes and finishes, ensuring you find the perfect radiator for your home.

These radiators feature an iconic design which emulates the glitz and glamour of the city, giving the Dune range a modern feel. Shop the range and see if a DQ Dune radiator is the right fit for your space.

What style of radiator are DQ Dune radiators? 

These would be seen as designer vertical radiators. If you were looking for similar designer models, we recommend taking a look at our complete range of designer radiators.

Do DQ Dune radiators heat a room easily? 

These radiators perform as amazingly as they look. Some of the models in stock have a tremendously high BTU, making them ideal for heating the likes of open-plan kitchens, rooms with tall ceilings and social spaces. 

If you are unsure what the BTU of your room is, we recommend using our handy heating calculator. Simply fill in the dimensions, and you can then use the results to narrow down the DQ collection to a small selection of radiators which fit within a space’s ideal BTU range.

And if you have limitations on space, you can always shop for radiators by size.

What finishes do DQ Dune radiators come in?

You can choose from a polished or brushed finish.

A polished finish is where the final few layers applied to the radiator will give it a shiny and almost reflective sheen. This is great when you want to have a radiator in a space you need to keep bright throughout the day.

A brushed finish is where the top layers are dulled down to give the radiator a bolder appearance. You may sometimes hear this referred to as a Satin Brush on the radiator.

Can I get a DQ Dune radiator for my kitchen? 

This range is proving to be most popular in kitchens, especially when working with an open-plan kitchen which connects to the dining room and you know the room needs a lot of work to get warm.

Can I get a cheap DQ Dune radiator? 

If there’s a specific price you’re working with, you can narrow down the price range using the filters on the left side of this page.

Also, be sure to see what products we’ve just added to our clearance section. We frequently add designer radiators similar to those you see here.

What heating systems do DQ Dune radiator work on? 

These radiators are designed to work within traditional central heating systems.

If you’re planning on installing a radiator in a new location and don’t have the room piped to the system,  we also have electric heated towel rails from designer names like Lazzarini, Pisa and DQ in stock.

Helping you find the perfect designer radiator

Have a particular style of radiator design in your head and can’t seem to find it on-site? Click the chat icon in the corner of the page. You will be connected with one of the customer service team who will help with any enquiries you have.

And don’t forget, you can always email us any time of day by visiting our contact page.

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