DQ Modus Radiators

It’s not often you get a range of radiators that match design and power so effortlessly as the DQ Modus range of steel radiators. With unrivalled heat output, a good guarantee on the product, and one-of-a-kind colours to choose from, if you want a designer radiator that packs a punch, DQ Modus may be the one for you.

Take a look at what’s currently in stock and see which finish will look best in your home. And remember, every order made at Trade Radiators qualifies for free delivery on the product.

When should you choose a DQ Modus radiator?

Versatility can be hard to come by when shopping for column radiators, but it is hard to surpass your options when it comes to the DQ Modus Range. These radiators offer you the chance to play around with the size, colour, heat output, price, and number of columns.

How many columns you choose is often an overlooked part of buying a radiator when, in fact, it should be something you take time to consider. The difference between a premium 2-column and 4-column isn’t just about heat output. You’d also want to think about the width and if it will impact other features in a room.

Luckily, the DQ Modus range has over 300 styles & sizes in stock, making for one of the most diverse column radiator ranges we have in stock. If you’d like to get an idea of what other column designs may suit your room, take a look at our full range of column radiators, with some other fantastic models from DQ Heating like the Cove and Dune radiators which have a lovely polished or satin finish.

If you're interested in options outside of the DQ Modus range, you can view our full range of radiators instead.

What are DQ Modus radiators made of?

The majority of the range is made from either steel or mild steel. You can see which material your chosen radiator is made from within the product page. As a reminder, if the radiator is advertised as copper or brass, this is a reference to the lacquer finish applied on top.

Are there any design features I should know about?

Pay particular attention to some models that have a nice degree of spacing between sections. It isn’t common to find such a high-quality radiator build that have a good degree of separation. This helps improve airflow by artificially increasing the radiator’s surface area; ideal for rooms with poor circulation.

Are these radiators for next day delivery?

How fast we can deliver your radiator will depend on the current stock, the number of columns needed, and the finish you prefer. DQ Modus radiators are made to order in most cases, meaning they will take a few weeks to get ready. While we work efficiently at Trade Radiators to get orders perfect, we also take the time to ensure that everything is done to perfection. After all, these radiators are something you’re going to have on the wall for years to come.

If you are in need of a DQ Modus radiator in a hurry, you can see which products are available for delivery within a week using the filter option on the left side menu.

What colour are DQ Modus radiators?

DQ Modus radiators come in the following finishes:

  • Historic Copper
  • Historic Silver
  • Raw Metal Black Nickel Lacquer
  • Raw Metal Copper Lacquer
  • Brass Lacquer
  • Bare Metal Lacquer
  • Stone Grey

Apart from the Copper Lacquer, all of these radiators have a textured finish, which is usually quite hard to come by on a radiator. It’s a unique look and touch, which we think helps these radiators stand out.

If there’s a similar finish you have in mind, but you’re having trouble finding it, we recommend shopping for radiators by colour to see if you can find a finish you prefer.

Do I need anything special for installation?

All DQ radiators in stock will have all the necessary extras in the box for a standard installation. Many customers have requested matching radiator feet to give their installation a distinct look. This is why we have added the option of getting matching feet on the product page if you’d like some.

Due to some of the more unique colours, we would also recommend getting some matching radiator valves to tie everything together. For the colour of these radiators, you may want to consider getting some traditional radiator valves. Brands like Paladin and Trade Direct are very popular right now.

Are these single or double panel radiators?

DQ Modus radiators are available as 2,3 and 4 column radiators.

As these are column radiators, they are essentially an enclosed double panel radiator. When you’re looking at 3 or 4 column options, these have a greater depth and additional sections to increase the radiator’s BTU. If width is a concern, we recommend opting for 2-column DQ Modus radiators. For anyone tight on space, our single panel radiators might be more suitable for your space.

What heating system can the DQ Modus radiator be used on?

DQ Modus radiators are made for traditional central heating systems, with side valve entries. If you are searching for electric DQ radiators, you’ll find them here. If you would prefer to see the full range of radiators instead, you can find them here

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