Reina Neval Designer Radiators

Ranging from 7 all the way to 48 (when opting for a double panel) vertically style oval columns, the Reina Neval is in a class of its own when it comes to choosing modern looking horizontal and vertical designer radiators.

Trade Radiators is delighted to be offering these Neval designer radiators as one of the new best-selling designer radiators we have in stock. See if Neval is the right fit for your space today when you shop for new radiators at Trade Radiators.

Why buy a Reina Neval designer radiator?

When many people think of column radiators, they often tend to look at narrow or flat front facing columns on the radiator. The Neval takes a very traditional looking style and tweaks it ever so slightly for a unique look, especially if you’re going for a single panel horizontal model pushing just beyond 800mm wide. (For its price, the single panel 600mm by 994mm is one of the hidden gems from all the Reina products we have in stock).

If you’re in the market for a contemporary spin on a traditional design, this is the radiator for you.

What finish do Reina Neval designer radiators come in?

There are three finishes to choose from: Anthracite, Polished and White.

If you have a space with darker or natural tones on furniture and fittings, anthracite may be the best option. When you want a radiator that can make a statement, polished is the way to go. If you were replacing old radiators and want to bring a new lease of life to the room, stick with white.

And if you’re not sure what finish will look best for your space, you can always shop for designer radiators by colour to get an idea of what works in different rooms, or view our full range of radiators.

What size are vertical Neval radiators?

Reina Neval vertical radiators are all 1800 mm, which would be seen as the average height for installing vertical radiators in the UK. Remember, you always have to measure radiator height excluding the height your pipes come out of the floor. That’s additional height, and shouldn’t be included.

If you feel you need a smaller or taller vertical radiator, take a look at what designer vertical radiators we currently have available. And if you are unsure how to measure up before shopping for a new radiator, read our buying guides for practical advice.

What valve entry do Reina Neval Designer Radiators have?

These radiators have a side entry, so you’ll have no problem connecting them when you have an angled or corner pipe entry in your room. 

How long do Reina Neval radiators last for?

Reina Neval radiators come with a ten-year guarantee on the product. 

Why are Neval radiators made from aluminium?

Many designer brands, including Reina, use aluminium as they provide quick heat output and can be used to create unique shapes as you see here. Trade Radiators has one of the widest selection of designer aluminium radiators available, which you can check out here.

Can I use a vertical Reina Neval radiators as a towel rail?

The vertical style of the radiators limits rail functionality out of the box, but that doesn’t mean you can’t transform a new Reina Neval vertical rail into a towel rail. If you take a look at our range of adjustable towel bars, you’ll find that Reina makes many in the range for this exact purpose.

Some of the most suitable for the Neval range include:

There are also rails in stock for single panel Neval radiators.

You can also view all of the radiators we have to offer if you're interested in a different style, colour or size.

Do I need anything special to install a Reina Neval radiator?

When your order is delivered, it will have the necessary fittings in the box for a traditional installation. If you’re already ordering new matching radiator valves, we would recommend also getting new pipe sleeves, especially if you’ve chosen a polished finish.

Quick delivery on your new Reina Neval radiator

If you need a radiator fast, click the Next Day Delivery option from the left-side menu. It will show products currently in stock which we have primed and ready for next working day delivery.

See what Reina has in stock

If you like the look of this radiator but would like an idea of what other designs Reina has to offer, take a look at the full Reina range.

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