Seam Top Convector Radiators

The leading manufacturer of Round Top radiators in Europe, Quinn radiators are one of the most established brands we work with at Trade Radiators. Their Quinn Seam Top radiators are ideal for those looking for a high quality round top radiators. Designed with no side panels or top grill, Quinn's Seam Top radiators are designed and made in the UK from high grade British Steel.

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Known for their efficiency, Quinn Seam Top radiators have 8 to 20 per cent higher heat outputs than other convector radiators of the same size. Using narrower water channels, these types of radiators need less water to heat the room. This not only makes the Seam Top radiator more energy efficient but also more cost effective as you can buy a smaller radiator yet maintain a strong heat output.

Styled on the classic radiator design, Quinn Seam Top radiators complement both modern and traditional interiors. The crisp, white colour allows these radiators to fit nicely with all colour schemes. One of the most diverse radiators available from Trade Radiators, Quinn Seam Tops come in a magnitude of sizes, meaning whatever the size of your room, we have a radiator for you.

To find out what size of radiator you need to heat your room, use Trade Radiators' handy heating calculator. It will tell you the BTU output you need to heat your room efficiently. All of our radiators come with their BTU outputs highlighted so it is easy to find the right one for you.

Our Quinn Seam Top radiators come with free delivery and a 15 year guarantee.

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