Glass Radiators

Combining sophistication and style, make a statement in your home with a stunning Glass Radiator from Trade Radiators. A truly contemporary radiator, glass radiators are the future of interior design, taking radiator design to new levels. At Trade Radiators we have 2 stunning glass radiators, available in white, black or with a mirrored finish, both of which are available in horizontal and vertical styles. Creating a focal point in a room, glass radiators are more than just a source of heat but a striking accessory for your room. All of our mirrored radiators come with free delivery and a 5-year guarantee.

Styles of Glass radiators Available at Trade Radiators

  • Capsule Glass Radiators 
  • Frame Glass Radiators

Capsule Glass Radiators

This unique radiator makes the perfect addition to any room. Whether you are looking for a centrepiece for your living room or a trendy new heated towel rail for your bathroom, this versatile radiator will definitely make an impact on your room. Designed in a rectangular shape with curved edges, the capsule glass radiator can be placed in both a horizontal or vertical position.

The capsule glass design is an electric radiator meaning it can be easily placed anywhere in a room. All you need is access to a plug socket. As well as being more conveniently positioned, electric radiators are also more energy efficient as no heat is lost through the flu or pipes which is the case for traditional, gas radiators.

The capsule glass radiator is available in white, black or mirrored. A superb option for bathrooms, this radiator doubles up as a mirror, perfect for a modern home. A polished towel bar is also available to buy with this radiator to double up as a stylish heated towel rail.  

Frame Glass Radiators

Make your radiator stand out for all the right reasons with our frame glass radiator which makes the perfect addition to any room. Rectangular in appearance with curved corners, this radiator is a truly contemporary piece. This radiator is available in a total of 6 sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your home.

With strong heat outputs, the frame glass radiator ensures your room is kept warm. To find out the size of radiator you need for your room take a look at our heating calculator which will work out the right size for your room. Similar to the Capsule Glass, the Frame Glass radiator is electrically powered and available in white, black and mirrored finishes. Don’t forget, all of our glass radiators come with a price match guarantee. This means that if you find the same radiator for cheaper, we promise to match it.

If you like the idea of an electric radiator, find out more on our designer electric radiator page.

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