Small Cloakroom Radiators from Trade Radiators

If you have a cloakroom in your home, small cloakroom radiators are a chic and contemporary way to keep them warm.

Their compact size makes them a good fit for unusual or tight spaces, with options for flat walls and corners available. Your cloakroom, small bathroom or other modest space will be instantly enhanced with one of these sleek flat panel or traditional column radiators.

Whatever your aesthetic, there is something for everyone at Trade Radiators. Explore a variety of styles, finishes and colour options as well as different materials and heat sources. 

Need a different style? View our full selection of radiators to see alternative options, or browse through the variety of small radiators we have available.

Shop the full range online today.

Our Range of Small Cloakroom Radiators

The home heating needs of the modern buyer are at the forefront of the products in stock. At Trade Radiators you won’t have to look far to find a heating solution that ticks the boxes of style, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Trade supplies small cloakroom radiators in a broad range of styles for you to discover. Aesthetic options cover everything from ultra-modern aluminium designer radiators to classically-styled traditional cast iron units for a comprehensive catalogue of heating choices.

The free Trade Radiators BTU calculator makes it easy for you to zero in on the right choice. It calculates the amount of heating power you need to make your chosen space warm and comfortable with optimum efficiency.

A generous manufacturer guarantee is included with every product so you can feel confident in your purchase. Fast free delivery is standard for all UK mainland addresses, with no hidden charges your purchase is straightforward and easy on your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions about Small Cloakroom Radiators

Why do I need a small cloakroom radiator?

Small cloakroom radiators allow you to heat smaller spaces like cloakrooms, bathrooms, hallways or stairwells. They offer a practical combination of compact proportions, powerful heating and aesthetic style.

They can also work for larger spaces if they are placed strategically to deliver even pools of warmth throughout the room.

Are there different style of small cloakroom radiators?

Yes, you will find units in column, flat panel or curved styles. Horizontal and vertical configurations are also available. These are just a small sample of what’s available to buy today. Browse the full selection now to find your perfect heater.

You can also view different finishes and styles in our wide variety of radiators.

Do you sell electric small cloakroom radiators?

Yes, we have small cloakroom radiators with both standard and electric heating sources in our extensive range. Some even offer a dual-fuel option so you can get the best of both worlds when you shop today.

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