Trench Heating

When it comes to choosing a heating solution that is effective but discrete, nothing ticks both boxes like our Trench Heating solutions.

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What Is Trench Heating?

Trench heating is a heating solution that is designed to be far more efficient with space. They are an effective alternative to conventional radiators.

They are installed by creating a trench on a floor where heating elements can be installed. Usually they consist of a convector unit linked up to the heating system of the home and covered up with the use of a stylish grille feature.

They are excellent to add a different flair to your home and workspaces. 

Where Would I Need a Trench Heating Solution?

A trench heater can be used practically anywhere that a trench can be installed including both homes and commercial properties. 

However, for residential properties, they are most frequently used in kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. Some of the stylish grille designs can even fit into living rooms and main rooms.

Trenches are usually for a ground floor room rather than an upstairs room. Installation of a trench becomes more difficult on first and second floors, but is certainly achievable; just not in every property.

How Does Trench Heating Work?

When it comes to a heating trench, the amount of heat you will get from one will depend on how big the trench is and the kind of heating elements installed within it. 

For example, a trench installation with a particularly deep height, long length, and wide width will be able to heat a larger room like a commercial office. For a residential home, a smaller, shallower trench may be more appropriate.

As trench heating solutions function by drawing in cool air, heating it up, and expelling it back into the room, the grille is hugely influential to how the heating element works. The more effective the grille is at drawing and expelling air, the more effective the trench will be.

This heating of the air is facilitated by a fan system that is fairly low-key and subtle. So, there’s no need to worry about how they may sound.


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