Type 11 Radiators

Convector radiators are a practical and affordable solution for anyone looking to heat a small space easily. When you have a box room or space where the radiator has to be placed in an awkward location, you’ll want to save as much space as possible.

If this is the case for you, you may want to look at getting a Type 11 radiator.

Trade Radiators has several Type 11 radiators perfect for any room, in a number of different finishes.

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What is a Type 11 Radiator?

Type 11 (commonly pronounced “one-one”) are single panel convector radiators with a row of fins behind the panel i.e. one panel, one row.

How do I know if I have a Type 11 Radiator?

If your radiator has a single panel and row of fins, it is Type 11. if the fins are between two panels, you have a Type 21 radiator.

And if your double panel radiator has two sets of fins in the middle, you have a Type 22 radiator.

How do Type 11 Radiators work?

When a Type 11 radiator is on, the panel heats the fins at the back. As cold air in your room goes underneath the radiator, it rises and heats before being circulated through the top of the radiator.

When Should You Choose a Type 11 Radiator?

This section should explain when it’s best to choose one type over another.

This type of radiator is ideal when working with smaller rooms. If you’re looking to get a new compact radiator for a box room or toilet, their minimum depth helps stop the radiator from becoming an intrusion.

They’re also good if you need a radiator in a room that requires a low BTU.

Many Models & Styles to Choose From

They may be slimmer, but this type of radiator can be very versatile.

If you have a bay window area you need a new radiator, these Ultraheat Curved Bay Window Radiators are Type 11 and range from 1100mm to 2200mm long.

Looking for reliable radiators on a budget? Take a look at our Trade Direct selection of Type 11 radiators. These are radiators we’ve created to help anyone get a good quality radiator at the best price possible. Customers love the modern look of the front panel finish.

Radiator Brands You Can Trust

We stock Type 11 radiators from top brands we trust. When space is at a premium, we would recommend checking out K-Rad Compact radiators and Quinn Seam Top Radiators. K-Rad has a tremendous 300mm x 400mm model while Quinn’s 400mm x 1000mm is a great option for the guest bedroom.

If you're looking for some different types of radiators, we also offer:

If you would like to see more of the radiators available, you can click here to view our full range.

Our Price Guarantee

It’s our mission to help every home in the UK get the right radiator at the best price possible. As part of our Price Match Guarantee, if you find the same make and model of radiator elsewhere online for a lower total price, we will match it. You can find out more on our Price Match page.

Accessories for Type 11 Radiators

Need some new supports or pipes to complete the look you have in mind? Take a look at our range of radiator accessories to ensure you have the right radiator in any room.

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