Type 22 Radiators

Do you know what type of radiator you have installed? We’re not talking about the design or colour of the radiator but the actual type of build. You may not know that radiators are categorised by what “type” they are. It is key that when you’re buying new radiators that you know what type of radiator you’ll need to help heat a space effectively.

That’s why we stock an unbeatable range of Type 22 radiators for any space. If you need to know what exactly Type 22 is, or whether you need one, trade Radiators has you covered.

At Trade Radiators, we have many options to choose from. If you can't find what you're looking for here, why not browse through our full range of radiators?

What is a Type 22 Radiator?

Type 22 radiators (pronounced two-two) are the most common style of convector radiators you’ll find on the market. Unlike a cast iron radiator or towel rail, Type 22 radiators are two panelled radiators with two sets of fins in the middle.

How Do I Know If I Have Type 22 radiators?

The “22” in the name refers to the number of panels and rows of fins, i.e. the radiator has two panels and two sets of fins.

If you walk over to your convector radiator and look right down the middle, you’ll see the connecting fins in the middle. These fins are what take the energy generated in the panels and help heat a space.

Are K2 Radiators similar to Type 22 radiators?

They are exactly the same. K2 is just another term for the same style of radiator.

My Type 22 Radiator Only Has One Row, Is That Right?

If you only have one row of fins in your radiator, you have a Type 21 radiator. It needs to have two panels to be considered as such, or else you’re looking at a Type 11 radiator.

When Should You Choose This Type of Radiator?

We recommend Type 22 radiators for downstairs rooms in the home that you frequent and need a good level of heat in throughout the day. These convector radiators in particular work fantastically in hallways and living rooms or semi-detached homes.

They have a fantastic heat output and work well in larger spaces

Popular Type 22 Radiators

Within the range of convector radiators, we have available at Trade Radiators; there are some Type 22 radiators very popular with customers.

When space is at a premium but you still need good heat output the K-Rad Compact Radiators, and Stelrad Compact Radiators in a classic white finish are a great choice.

Customers looking for a modern finish in a room, especially somewhere like the kitchen or bedroom, may benefit from a sleek Apollo Milano Flat Panel Radiator, with the range starting at £360.

Working within a tight budget? Then our range of Trade Direct Flat Panel Type 22 Radiators starts at just £110.

If you're looking for some different types of radiators, we also offer:

If you would like to see our full stock of radiators, click here.

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