Vertical Convector Radiators

At Trade Radiators we have a dynamic range of vertical convector radiators with a modern finish. If you’re looking for a sleek flat-panel style radiator that wouldn’t look out of place in any kitchen, hallway or bathroom, we have the radiator you need.

Shop the range today and see if there’s a vertical radiator that would look best in your space.

You can always view our extensive selection of radiators if you're looking for something different. We stock a wide variety to ensure that everyone can find a suitable radiator for their room.

What Vertical Convector Radiators brands are available?

Top convector brands we sell on-site include:

  • Supplies4Heat
  • Apollo
  • Stelrad

Supplies4Heat are a well-known convector radiator supplier renowned for their high-quality and long-lasting radiator models. You can't go wrong choosing a long-lasting vertical convector radiator from the wid variety this brand has to offer.

Apollo is a fantastic designer radiator brand we have stocked for a long time now. We only stock brands we believe in, and the quality of the finish on their convector radiators is fantastic. The 1800mm high radiators we have here come with a ten-year guarantee.

Stelrad pushes the design front to another level with their Alto vertical convector radiators.  The soft vertical lines are something you don’t usually get with this style, but they work beautifully if you want a genuinely bespoke radiator.

How can I get a cheap Vertical Convector Radiator?

You’ll find the best prices for vertical convector radiators come in our Supplies4Heat range.

We may sometimes have moved some vertical radiators to our clearance section when getting new stock in, so check there as well to see if you can get a better bargain on a new radiator.

Vertical Convector Radiators for Bedrooms

Many of the vertical convector radiators in this range are 1600mm and higher; great for bedrooms that have a lofty atmosphere or high walls. If you have a box bedroom or a small bedroom, we recommend looking at our full range of vertical radiators.

Vertical Convector Radiators for Bathrooms

Any of the convector radiators in this range would work fantastically in a bathroom. You can also get robe hooks, towel bars and rail hangers in our radiator accessories section. Just make sure to find a rail that matches the colour of your pipe sleeves.

Vertical Convector Radiators for Living Rooms

This style is ideal for living rooms that need a good boost of heat but would be limited by wall space around the lower half of the room. You can filter the range down to your preferred BTU range to get the radiator that would be most efficient for your living room.

If you're looking for something different, we also offer:

And more in our full selection of vertical radiators. You can also view our full range of radiators to see even more alternative styles and finishes.


What Vertical Radiator Size is best?

Every radiator we sell will have a precise measurement, including pipe centres, when you check out the product.

If you’re going to get a vertical radiator, we recommend measuring out the height of where it will go from where your pipe centres finish and not from the floorboard. Make sure to consider anything like shelves, skirting boards and furniture placement that could affect where you need to place the radiator too.

Trade Radiators Price Guarantee

Found the ideal vertical convector radiator, but wondering if it’s the best price? We strive to give customers across the UK the best deal possible when buying new radiators.

If you find the same make and model of radiator available on another UK site for a better total price (including delivery) get in touch and we’ll match it.

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