White Convector Radiators

A classic design with a modern twist; that’s how we describe the fantastic range of white convector radiators we currently have on offer here at Trade Radiators. We have created a range of over 70 white convector radiators that will seamlessly fit in with almost any interior, no matter what shape or style you have had in mind for a room.

Take a look at what we convector radiators we have in stock right now and see if your next radiator is right here.

Looking for a different size of radiator? Browse our white radiators or discover new styles and finishes by viewing our full range of radiators.

Can White Convector Radiators heat a room easily?

The majority of radiators in UK homes are convector radiators, and there’s an excellent reason why: they’re fantastic heaters. From a small compact radiator for a box bedroom to a large vertical model that would be needed to heat an open-plan kitchen, convectors are renowned for tremendous heat output.

What size of White Convector Radiator do I need?

There are two things to keep in mind when knowing what size of radiator to get: the minimum space need and heat needed.

Minimum space is as important as many people will think that bigger is always better. Just because a 500mm x 1600mm convector will just about fit on your wall doesn’t mean you should get it when the room only needs the power from a 400mm x 1000mm convector.

It’s important to know what heat output your space needs. This comes in the form of British Thermal Units (BTU) which you’ll see we display with every radiator for sale. You can figure out what BTU any room needs using our heating calculator. It will help you know if you’re currently wasting energy from having too big a radiator.

What shape do White Convector Radiators come in?

The majority of white convector radiators on this page are made horizontally and would be mostly used in living rooms and workspaces.

We do have a handful of vertical white convector radiators available at 1600mm and 180mm high. These come as double panel, single convector radiators.

What brands sell White Convector Radiators?

Trade Radiators only selects the best radiator brands on the market so you don't have to spend your time researching and comparing the many different brands out there.

We offer the following brands in our catalogue:

  • Supplies4Heat
  • Kartell K-Rad
  • Stelrad

How can I get a cheap White Convector Radiator?

You can filter all the radiators here by price using the filter on the left to see what’s within your budget.

If you were looking for a cheap, no-frills convector radiator for a small room, we recommend the 500mm x 400mm Supplies4Heat Flat Panel Single model for just £60.

We have other types of radiators available as well, such as:

If you need a different size or finish for your radiator, have a look through our full range of radiators here.

Trade Radiators Delivery Guarantee

Hanging around waiting on a new radiator shouldn’t be tedious or hold up any necessary housework, especially when you need a warm room.

On average, it takes 2-7 working days to deliver one of our convector radiators anywhere on mainland UK. If you order before 2 pm, there’s a better chance we can ship a radiator off early.

Don’t forget that the essentials for completing installation are also included in the box when your convector radiator arrives.

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