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Column Radiators

Looking for a beautiful, sleek designer column radiator for a great price? Well look no further. The classic column radiator is one of our most popular radiators and its not hard to understand why. Their traditional design allows column radiators to enhance both period and contemporary interiors beautifully. If you are upgrading your heating system and have a period home or are aiming to create that period look our classic column radiators will add the finishing touches to your traditional room. As well as their aesthetic advantages, the sturdy frame makes our column radiators the ideal choice for a busy family home or commercial work place.

Column Radiators Available at Trade Radiators:
  • Trade Direct Column Radiators
  • Apollo Classic Columns
  • Aluminium Column Radiators
  • Lacquered Meta Column Radiators
  • Delonghi Classic Column Radiators

  • Trade Direct Column Radiators

    The mark of a well-made column radiator is the seamless weld line around the top of each column with no appearance of ringing. Needless to say, all our Trade Direct column radiators have seamless welds, manufactured to the highest standards in Italy. Our column radiators are powder coated to create a deep finish and are available in white RAL 9013 as a standard however we are able to supply the radiators in any RAL colour you wish, perfect for those looking to match your column radiator with a particular interior colour scheme.

    Apollo Classic Columns

    Column radiators are defined by the number of vertical columns they have, i.e. the number of tubes that join the top and the bottom sections together in depth. For example, a radiator that is 3 columns deep is referred to as a 3-column radiator. If you are in search of a stylish 4 column radiator check out our exquisitely designed Apollo Classic Columns for a stylish yet efficient radiator. Apollo radiators are known for their superb design and manufacturing and come in a 2,3 and 4 columns.

    Aluminium Column Radiators

    For an eco-friendly column radiator with a high heat output, our aluminium column radiators are a superb option for you home. Heating a room quicker than conventional radiators, aluminium is the latest material in radiator manufacturing. What makes aluminium column radiators so good is their ability to retain heat, meaning that less energy is used to heat a room, ultimately saving you money on your heating bills.

    Lacquered Metal Column Radiators

    Lacquered metal column radiators make the perfect addition to any home. These radiators are particularly stylish and come in a range of sizes. Versatile by nature, lacquered metal complements interiors of all styles. Take a look at the superb range of lacquered metal column radiators available, all of which come with a 10 year guarantee and are 50% off their RRP.

    Delonghi Classic Column Radiators

    Starting at an amazing 135 our Delonghi Classic Column range combines the classical, elegant design associated with column radiators, with technical excellence to produce an extremely efficient radiator at an even better price. Italian made, Delonghi radiators are known for their stylish design and superb engineering to create a radiator which is built to last.

    Dont forget our entire column radiator range comes with free UK mainland delivery as well as next day delivery for all orders made before 2pm.

    For column radiators discounts and promotional codes check out our discounts page here.

    Column Radiators - frequently asked questions

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    Popular Questions

    What are column radiators?

    Column radiators are traditionally styled radiators. They are commonly made of 2-3 columns held together through a central pipe at the top and bottom. The exposure between each section of a column helps to increase the surface area that a radiator can heat.

    What are the best column radiators?

    The best column radiators are those that can fit seamlessly in any space and are versatile.

    A good column radiator is one you should be able to hang under a window, in a hallway & vertically or horizontally.

    Column radiators also work best in larger rooms which have problems circulating heat and in areas with higher ceilings where it usually takes a longer time for heat to rise.

    What size column radiator do I need?

    The size of radiator you'll need will mostly depend on two factors: having the right amount space for your radiator and what the BTU output of the radiator is. BTU is the measurement which helps you figure out how much energy a radiator needs to heat a space.

    If you need to figure out what the BTU is for any room, use our handy home heating calculator.

    What heat output do I need for my column radiator?

    The heat output you need for a column radiator depends on a few different things:

    1. The BTU of your radiator
    2. The size of the space your radiator needs to heat
    3. The location your column radiator will be in
    4. The size of your column radiator

    Why do column radiators need feet?

    Column radiators with feet have them because they're designed specifically to be mounted to the floor rather than hung from the wall.

    This type of radiator is ideal when you need to place a radiator in a freestanding location like the middle of an office or shop.

    How to select the correct column radiator - Be sure to check out our Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration

    What are BTUs and Watts?

    These are simply two different ways of measuring how much heat radiators give out. We display the heat outputs in Watts (W) or British Thermal Units (BTUs) on all of our radiators on our website.

    If you need to convert BTUs to Watts or Watts to BTUs, you can use the formula below to get the required measurement.

    BTUs = WATTS / 3.412
    WATTS = BTUs x 3.412

    What are Pipe Centres?

    On all of our radiator listings, you will see the ÔPipe CentreÕ measurement. This refers to the distance between the central points of the two pipe inlets on each radiator.
    Before buying a radiator, it's important for you to measure the distance between your existing pipes where you intend to install the radiator. You can then choose a column radiator that has a Pipe Centres measurement that is as close to the distance between your pipes as possible.

    This will enable you new radiator to be installed with no, or minimal, changes to your existing pipework.

    For a pictorial representation please follow below link.

    INFOGRAPHIC - You can view a diagram that explains Pipe Centres in more detail here

    What does the 'Projection' measurement mean?

    "This is the distance from the wall to the front of the column radiator and can basically be thought of as how far the radiator sticks out from the wall.

    You will see a measurement on all of our radiators on our site that is called 'Projection' or 'Projection from Wall.'"

    Are column radiators fitted in the same way as standard radiators?

    Yes, absolutely. They are very straightforward to install and any experienced plumber will have no problems with installing them.

    If you are not experienced with plumbing and DIY, we recommend you employ the services of a professional to install your column radiator

    However, if installing a column radiator is something you wish to do yourself, then please view the video below which features Jimmy the plumber taking you through the process from start to finish.

    VIDEO - How to install a column radiator

    Does the column radiator come with everything I need?

    We provide everything you need to hang your column radiator to the wall, including brackets and wall stays, as well as the air bleeds.

    All you need in addition is one pair of radiator valves per radiator. We have a fantastic collection of radiator valves for your to choose from on our website.

    LINK - View our range of radiator valves

    What type of radiator valves do I need?

    "Non-thermostatic radiator valves keep your radiator at one fixed temperature in accordance with your central heating thermostat settings.

    Thermostatic radiator valves mean you can adjust the temperature on that particular radiator, independent of your settings on your main central heating thermostat.

    All of our radiator valves on our website are compatible with all of our column radiators. The type you choose is a matter of style and functionality."

    Can I get measurements for my plumber to do the pipework prior to delivery?

    Yes, taking into account which radiator and valves you have ordered we can calculate the pipe centre measurements that your plumber will need to do the pipe work.

    These measurements are a guide only and may not be exact as these products are handmade and can vary in size. As is standard in the plumbing industry, we do not recommend doing any installation work prior to having the goods in your possession.

    Any pipe work carried out before having the goods in your possession is undertaken at your own risk and we are not responsible for any errors or ill fitting items which may occur as a result.

    Will my plumber need to do anything unusual to the system?

    No, the action required is the same as that which any reputable/experienced plumber would follow when installing any new radiators. However we do provide you with all the appropriate instructions to pass to your plumber with regards to installation and your central heating system to ensure the correct procedures are followed and the appropriate type of inhibitor etc is used in your system. This will prevent any issues arising in the future.

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    How to install a column radiator

    There is nothing particularly complicated about installing a column radiator, however, if you have never done it before yourself, the challenge can initially seem a bit daunting.

    How we can help if you have a large radiator project?

    It's quite possible that you've moved into a new house or have taken on a renovation project where there is either no central heating, or all the existing radiators are od and need replacing.

    Whichever situation applies to you, it can be quite difficult to know what size radiator you need for each room. What dimensions? What heat output? Horizontal or vertical orientation? What about heated towel rails?

    We are experienced in large projects and will happily take the hard work out of the decision making by providing a customized schedule, showing exactly what you need for each room.

    You can read more in the article below:

    BLOG - How we can help if you have a large radiator project

    Column Radiators and Photographic interior design inspiration

    Column radiators are one of the most versatile types of radiators you can get, because of their natural ability to fit in perfectly into any surroundings you put them in.

    Whether a minimalist modern apartment or a quaint country cottage, the column radiator will add a focal point to any room it sits in.

    Below are some fantastic examples of column radiators situated in the homes of our customers. You'll see all kinds of different examples that should hopefully inspire you with your own interior design plans!

    BLOG - Further images of our Column Radiators

    Our Classic Column Radiators are available in a range of colours

    Gone are the days when you could have radiators in any colour as long as they were white. These days, people are incorporating radiators as an intergral part of their interior design plans, rather than as an afterthought.

    We fully understand that colour coordination is incredibly important for the modern home, which is why we are happy to offer our Classic Column Radiator paint-matching service, where we can offer to finish your rad in any colour of your choice. We simply need the colour, brand or paint reference number.

    You can contact us on 0141 225 0430 or on info@traderadiators.com to discuss this further.

    Some examples of popular classic column radiator colours can be viewed here:

    BLOG - Our Classic Column Radiators available in a range of colours

    FEATURED PRODUCT - The Trade Direct Metal Column Radiator

    A very popular addition to our catalogue has been the Trade Direct Lacquered Metal Column radiator, which give a cool industrial style feel to anywhere they are installed in.

    A particular favourite among those seeking to create a New York Loft-style atmosphere within their home, the metal column rad comes in a range of sizes and free delivery.

    BLOG - You can get all the details on the Metal Classic Columns here

    FEATURED PRODUCT - The Apollo Monza Aluminium Column Radiator

    At the cutting edge of luxurious design, the Apollo Monza is an incredibly efficient radiator, offering sleek style and the potential to save on your heating costs.

    Available in a range of sizes, as well as vertical or horizontal orientation, the Apollo Monza is a fantastic option for any period or contemporary setting.

    BLOG - You can read more and view a video on the benefits of aluminium radiators in the article below:

    Hanging a Column Radiator in a pub

    Video in which Jimmy the Trade Radiators plumber installs a column radiator in the menÕs toilets in a freshly refurbished pub.

    While the setting might be a little unorthodox, this is a very useful video to see how a column radiator is unpackaged, measured up and installed, as well as seeing the fitting of brand new pipework.

    It also shows off just how versatile column radiators are, proving they really can look great anywhere!

    VIDEO - Hanging a Column Radiator in a pub

    How to hang a Column Radiator

    This video shows Jimmy the Trade Radiators plumber going through the complete process of fixing and hanging a column radiator onto plasterboard.

    Many of us have stud walls in our homes and Jimmy demonstrates just how easy it is to fix a column radiator to this type of wall. He also gives lots of tips along the way to make sure that your installation is as safe and secure as possible.

    If you're planning to install your new column radiator yourself then please watch this video first and take note of the advice from an experienced professional plumber.

    VIDEO - How to hang a Column Radiator

    Piping a Column Radiator

    If you have some experience with plumbing and DIY, then piping up a radiator is a perfectly doable task. If you are relatively inexperienced, then we recommend you use the services of a professional.

    In this video, Jimmy the Trade Radiators plumber takes you through the entire process of piping up a radiator step by step. How to measure up, where to drill holes and where to put clips are just some of the things covered in this video.

    Also very important in this process is seeing what a drop down leg is and how to pipe up accordingly, as well as how to install a drain-off.

    We recommend watching this video before you start work on your own pipework and to help you decide whether you have the necessary experience to attempt the task of piping up a column radiator.

    VIDEO - How to pipe a Column Radiator


    Column Radaitor Feedback

    Trade Radiators have the most comprehensive range of classic column radiators online in the UK; the range of column radiators is designed to suit all rooms from the kitchen to the bathroom. Please read below some of the positive comments we receive daily from our customers:

    I would very much like to commend your service and website. My bathroom radiator was ordered on a Sunday morning, and it was delivered on Tuesday! What a fantastic internet service, and exceptional prices as compared to many other High street shops and other internet companies. We had previously ordered the same size radiator from another supplier, paid for it only to have an e mail returned saying that it was no longer in stock...
    Congratulations on your site and service provided - we will be back!!
    E. Hayward, East Sussex

    Dear Trade Radiators, Just to say your column radiator has not only transformed the central heating, but looks beautiful in the hallway of my cottage. Many thanks for great quality. Kind regards,
    S. Clarke, Conwy Wales

    Wow. I expected this on Thursday and it was delivered today at 10.45 - amazing service. Thank you very much
    S. Long, Hampshire

    Thank you so much for the prompt reply. The rad has arrived, fabulous service. Thank you again. Regards
    P. Britto, Lancaster

    Dear Trade radiators, just to let you know - I received the radiator 1st thing on Monday Morning. Very impressive service! Many Thanks
    A. Glen, Sheffield

    Very prompt service. radiator was extremely well packed and looks great in my hall. Would use this company again. The website itself was easy to use and plenty of product choice.
    Thanks Traderadiators
    B. Thompson, Liverpool

    We are very happy with our purchase and your service. the radiators are such a feature in our newly decorated room, very eye catching.
    R. Meredith, Swansea

    The radiators I bought look fabulous! Thank you for your speedy and efficient service.
    S. Cowton-Williams, Cumbria

    In terms of feedback from our order we have lnly good things to say. We were given a good choice of radiators at very good prices on your web site. We ordered and received our radiator in precise accordance with our requested instructions and we are vry pleased with the look and feel of an Italian style radiator in our new kitchen.
    Well done!
    R. Lungmuss, York

    After placing my order and taking delivery and to be honest being somewhat apprehensive about ordering on line.
    The Service; First Class.
    The Delivering; On time and helpful.
    Quality of goods; Excellent.
    In closing my wife and I have recently bought a new house and being a heating installer, after the service we received and quality of goods we have decided not to fit conventional radiators, but will be placing an order with you in due course for some more column radiators. A 1 service, keep it up. For your records this is the first time I have ever had the inclination to leave feedback.
    Mr. Jeffery, Somerset

    I would like to thank you for the delivery we received, the driver was very friendly and courteous, and I was very impressed that you, yourselves actually deliver the goods “free of charge” from your company, the mirrorred radiator is perfect and the quality is excellent, and will go perfectly in the bathroom, best wishes
    L. Hardwick, Bradford

    Dear Customer Services
    Thank you for your email. I don't want to sign in to Facebook, which is the only way to leave feedback, but I would definitely use Trade Radiators again. My reasons for choosing Trade Radiators were the variety of products available and cost, invariably the cheapest online. Delivery was also trouble-free. One radiator arrived the next day. The other was on a three to four day delivery time. I arrived home from work to find a phone message asking me to arrange a delivery date. By the time I returned the call at lunch-time the following day I had already had a second call again trying to arrange delivery. Usually it's left to the customer to make contact and I was impressed with this level of service. <br>
    Carolyn Howden

    Hello all , just a quick thank you to your outstanding sevice . Ordered rad. for b.room , came on time , fantastic quality , our plumber told me that the price I paid was very good , he found that bracket caps were missing , I contacted your customer services and it was delivered the following day , fantastic service , even our plumber said he would use , very well done , many thanks
    all the best regards
    Colin Nash

    Thank you so much for your speedy response to my problem regarding my Broadway radiator which was perfect apart from black smudges that were visible. After one phone call one of your team arranged both pick up and drop off of a replacement which was perfect.Very impressed with level of customer service. Look forward to buying from you again.
    Many Thanks
    Linda Sambrooks

    I'm not registered with Facebook (and don't want to register) so I'm unable to post some feedback.
    I just want to say that I'm happy with your services and the products that we received.<br>
    Best regards,
    S. Charpentier-Tappenden

    The total BTU you need is bigger than any of the radiators on this page. You're going to need more than one!

    Stuck? Give us a call on 0141 225 0430