What about getting a vertical radiator?

When most of us think of a radiator, the image that automatically springs to mind is a white, horizontal convector radiator, that sits lifeless on a wall in a room. Although the standard white convector radiator still exists and serves a very useful purpose, radiator design and technology has come a long way in recent years. This means that you can expand your horizons, getting creative and inspired by the range of radiators that exist, rather than opting for the first thing that springs to mind. A radiator option you might seriously want to consider is a vertical radiator. In terms of appearance, vertical radiators are a fantastic stylistic alternative to the standard convector rad and can turn an otherwise uninspired fixture into a talking point of a room! Another more practical benefit of vertical radiators is they are great at fitting into tight spaces. If you have a small room or a room with minimal wall space, why not make use of the abundance of vertical space, by slotting in a vertical radiator? You’re far more likely to find a vertical radiator with ample BTUs/Wattage output to satisfactorily heat a room, rather than trying to cram in a tiny convector rad. We offer plenty of vertical radiators in a range of colours and styles, making it easy for you to get exactly what you want. Aluminium and stainless steel verticals both look great and have impressive heat outputs, and we also offer them with chrome, black, white or anthracite finishes, all at great prices and with free delivery. Fortunately, lots of our customers make the effort to send us photos of their newly-installed radiators, proud to show off their new purchase. Not only are we pleased that they’re pleased, but their photos also offer great inspiration to potential customers who are considering getting a new radiator, but aren’t quite sure what to get. Below we’ve posted some great examples of our customers’ vertical radiators taking pride of place in their homes. We post new images every day in our Facebook Customer Gallery and in our Pinterest Customer Pinboard, so make sure to take a look at them for inspiration for your next interior design project! Thanks to John W, Richard G, Steven R, aberd101, Tim M, Gwen A, Colin E, a7cst2012, steb7 & Mike for kindly submitting your excellent photos! Vertical Radiator Inspiration 1 Vertical Radiator Inspiration 2 Vertical Radiator Inspiration 3 Vertical Radiator Inspiration 4 Vertical Radiator Inspiration 5 Article by Benjamin Clarke
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