Eco-Friendly & Green Electric Radiators

If today’s modern age, saving on energy bills is vital not only from an economic standpoint but also from an ecological standpoint. Eco electric radiators won’t just save you money; they’ll save the environment while they’re heating your home.

They are a great option for those wanting to live a greener lifestyle and make a difference with their everyday living.


We have eco friendly electric radiators of all shapes, sizes, and aesthetics for a range of different home styles and space demands.

Have a look at our range today to see what eco friendly electric radiators would be ideal for your requirements.

Are Eco Electric Radiators Powerful?

Eco friendly electrical radiators are just as powerful as their traditional counterparts that use gas as their source of heat generation. There’s a common misconception that electric-based radiators don’t generate as much heat, which simply isn’t true.

There’s also a common misconception that eco-friendly radiators of any type – traditional or electrical – are also not as powerful as traditional radiators.

The BTU rating and wattage don’t dip when eco-friendly electric radiators are compared to traditional radiators.

If you are unsure what kind of radiator will suit your needs, you can use our BTU heating calculator to assist you.

What finishes do the energy efficient electric radiators come in?

When looking to get an energy efficient electric radiator with a particular style, we have endeavoured to stock a wide variety of colours such as:

  • White
  • Black
  • Anthracite

And more. Take a look and see what style takes your fancy. We have something for everyone.

What Eco Electric Radiators Do Trade Radiators Supply?

At Trade Radiators, we aim to stock all kinds of radiator units to ensure that we’ll have a model to suit everyone’s needs. Be it a big radiator, a small radiator, a horizontal or vertical, or a wall-mounted versus a free-standing unit, we got you covered.


Just take a look at some of the radiator units we provide:

Reina Arlec Horizontal designer Radiator (electric) (565mm x 490mm) – a fantastic option for those who want a minimalistic but stylish radiator in white. This horizontal model of radiator is ideal for all kinds of settings, both domestic and commercial.

DQ Vela Horizontal Designer Radiator (Anthracite) (600mm x 367mm) – or for those who prefer a radiator with some contrast, why not opt to go for the DQ Vela Designer radiator coated with an Anthracite shade.

DQ Vela Vertical Designer Radiator (Anthracite) ( 1800mm x 367mm) – for the big walls and tall ceilings out there, we also have vertical radiators that will effectively heat larger spaces with ease. 

Get Your Radiator Your Way

With free delivery on all of our radiator units delivered within the UK mainland, you can’t go wrong. 


That isn’t to mention our great deals, such as our price match policy that ensures you get the best deal around and our excellent returns policy that makes sure you get exactly what you need.

Get In Contact With Us Now

Got questions about a radiator? Maybe you’d like more information on our policies and services? No matter your query, reach out to us, and we’ll sort you out.

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