Column Towel Radiators From Trade Radiators

Column towel radiators heat efficiently and possess unique styles that fit various contemporary decor choices.

These elegant bathroom radiators are ideal for warming a space whilst providing somewhere to hang towels, clothes and more. 

Available in various colours and finishes, Trade Radiators supplies options to match all types of surroundings. Your bathroom decor will be instantly enhanced with an injection of traditional or industrial chic.

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Our Range of Column Towel Radiators

Trade Radiators puts the needs of modern buyers front and centre when it comes to home heating. There are various choices at your disposal, but we provide the perfect balance of style, efficiency and affordability in every piece we sell.

Trade has a diverse range of options for column towel radiators from all the big names in the industry. The styles available include striking variations on traditional towel ladders and sophisticated frames around column radiators. Discover various colour and finish options for these mild steel towel warmers.

Why not consider:

With a variety of additional options to consider. Enjoy top-notch service at affordable prices with Trade Radiators.

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Find The Perfect Towel Column Radiator For Your Space

At Trade Radiators we are all about sterling customer service and making sure you walk away with the perfect radiator for any room in the home.

The handy Trade Radiators BTU calculator tool helps you find the towel radiator you need. It gives you a good idea of the heating power you need from a new radiator based on the dimensions of your chosen space for maximum efficiency.

For those who want a good deal, we also provide various financing options to remove any budget restrictions you may have for buying outright.

We’ll work with you to ensure you acquire exactly what you need.

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Contact The Experts

If you have any questions about our products or services, don’t hesitate to contact our customer care specialists. Our experts are well equipped to answer a whole range of queries.



Why Should I Consider a Towel Column Radiator?

Column radiators are a tried-and-tested heating solution with proven power and efficiency. The aesthetic is a good fit for traditional or industrial style and you can choose a format that works for your preferences.


Do Column Towel Radiators Come In Different Styles?

Yes, there are different looks and configurations available in this range. They are made from mild steel, but the colours and finishes vary to provide a wealth of style choices for your perusal. Shop the range to find what works for you.


Are There Any Electric Towel Column Radiators?

Yes, you will find some dual fuel options amongst our catalogue of column towel warmers. These provide an electric option as well as standard heating.

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